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Saks Fifth Avenue Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

While my personal indifference for Valentine’s Day is pretty well-known to all those around me, it doesn’t mean I don’t still like window shopping or perusing gift ideas for everyone else. I have a small threshold for things that are too cheesy, but these Valentine’s Day gift ideas from the buyers at Saks Fifth Avenue are pretty spot-on. And something even us who may be a little less than thrilled over the “holiday” can deal with quite pleasantly. Here, just a few of my favorite picks.


For the young fashionista, go with this Juicy Couture pink leather wristlet; it’s fresh and sassy. I’m always a fan of pink and could see this transitioning into sooo many spring outfits. The quilted leather clutch also has the signature gold-tone Juicy charms.


For the true trendsetting girl, I’m really really into this Alex and Ani Love and Luck set of gold bangles. The set of 12 gold bracelets come with a “love” and a “luck” charm and gold-plated recylced brass settings. The bracelets are expandable so they can fit from 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″. And the set of bangles is eco-friendly as it’s made from recycled metals sourced from local U.S. mills.


For the fashion-forward guy, I’d go with this hip Paul Smith multistripe leather billfold. While I realize it might be a tad on the bright side for some people’s taste, I think it’s got just the right amount of contemporary feel without losing its masculinity. The multistripe wallet is made of classic calfskin and has eight credit card slots.


For the classic man, another savvy gift is this Salvatorre Ferragamo money clip. The textured clip is available in both brown and black leather.


When I do choose to participate in Valentine’s Day, I firmly believe you can’t go wrong with two things: flowers and jewelry. This Roberto Coin 18-karat white gold diamond “love” necklace is a stunner, and definitely reserved for the true romantics out there. The circular pendant has .75 ctw. If you aren’t so much into the “Love” portion of the necklace you might want to go with:


Something for the gal that loves a little sparkle. This Roberto Coin Baby Diamond Circle Necklace is 18-karat white gold and thediamond circle pendant is suspended on a delicate 16″ chain and has .1ctw.

J Brand 12

This is how you know the holiday just not may be for me: I’d flip over a new pair of jeans much more than a stuffed teddy with pink heart attached, any day. So for your die-hard shopper keep it simple and gift her the 110th pair of jeans (trust me, you really can’t have too many). J Brand’s The Deal pencil-leg jeans are a can’t-go-wrong choice.


  • Marie says:

    I’m really into that Ferragamo money clip for the guys–they can be really hard to find V-Day gifts for (that’s why my bf and I don’t do them…) But if I were to give a gift I really like that idea.

  • Autumn says:

    I LOVE the “love” necklace!

  • Mollie says:

    I really want that Juicy Couture pink leather wristlet. But I doubt my boyfriend is fashion-forward enough to think to buy it for me for Valentine’s Day. lol

  • TJohns says:

    The bangles are so cute I think that would make a cute ring (which is what I thought it was at first)!

  • Marla says:

    Oh Marlene, I’m like you! Give me a new pair of jeans over a stuffie anyday. Yea this holiday is just not my thing. I’m not sure if it was too many years as a singleton or what, but even now that I’m married I still don’t love this holiday. (and my husband’s very sweet and generous!)

  • Flor says:

    Another vote for the denim! Jeans over jewelry this V-day at least…

  • Carrie says:

    I love Valentine’s Day. So I’d go for the bangles (really fun!) with a side of roses and a handful of conversation hearts. But I will say, I’m so over the circle pendant. I never liked them to begin with, they rank right up there with crocs on my cheese-meter. As for jeans….. the only person who can buy jeans that fit me and fit me well is – well, me. Now, bless my husband’s heart, he wouldn’t be caught dead with that wallet but I’m sure with a little sweet talkin’ I can get him into a pair of red and white heart boxers for a day. 🙂

  • Maria Jenkins says:

    The necklace is very pretty! These are some great gift ideas for his/her!

  • katie says:

    “stuffed teddy with pink heart attached” ???? i just threw up a little

  • chrisie says:

    i would be thrilled with either necklace – hint hint to my hubby!

  • Dalia says:

    Valentine’s day is one-sided, so thanks for men’s gift ideas. I got my husband a money clip a couple years ago and he really loves it. He hardly carries his wallet now.

  • azrunner says:

    I get mine ‘guy’ stuff for V-day. Cigars, gift certificate to Sportsman’s Warehouse, steak dinner. If I’m feeling really amorous I’ll even clean up the dog poop that week.

  • chilipepper72 says:

    My hunny loves to be fed too. He’s happy with a really nice home cooked meal on Valentine’s day – and I’m just happy with some pretty flowers.

  • Megan says:

    I am not a girl who goes gaga for Valentine’s Day but I do love to celebrate. If my honey is paying attention, my pick is definitely the gold bangles.

  • KT says:

    I hate Valentine’s Day when I’m single 🙁

  • Jane says:

    Those Charm Bracelets are so cute!! The Love Necklace is amazing as well!! I wouldn’t mind getting that on Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Kevin says:

    Your right, Dalia, i got a money clip rom my wife for my birthday and its the best gift! I use it instead of my wallet, much slimmer and holds everything you need!!

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