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A lot of people don’t like to take work home with them. They try and leave it at the office or at the very least, don’t bring it into personal activities. When you’re a bit obsessed with the nature of your work, however, it’s a totally different thing. You can’t help when and where you discover something amazing. So this oh-so-cool product is brought to you by….a pedicure I had recently.

Lounging in the comfy chair as my feet soak and I thumb through a magazine, I discovered MySkins. It’s nude, seamless lingerie in–get this–20 different colors. Seriously, how many times have you put on a “nude” bra and noticed it’s totally not your skin tone and  that it’s still noticeable through your shirt? Well, MySkins offers a palette of 20 different skin-matching colors to choose from. You can log on to their website at and download a color-matching palette right there. Or, if you don’t trust the lighting from your computer you can order a color matching chart and they’ll send it right to you.

Personally, I’d go with the ordered color matching chart, just to be safe. It’s recommended to hold the chart up to your breast or stomach area and match the color on the card that most closely resembles your skin tone.

There’s three different bras and panties to choose from. There’s the always-essential T-shirt bra which is quite pretty with its scallopped trim; The Convertible Bra with removable straps that allows you to wear it as a criss-cross bra, strapless bra or traditional bra; and the Plunge Bra, also seamless with a scallopped trim and great for shirts and dresses with a plunging neckline.


T-Shirt Bra


Convertible Bra


Plunge Bra

All three bra styles retail for $48 each.

As far as panties, the three styles available are a full-cut brief, girl shorts or a thong. They’re cut super-thin so you won’t have to worry about muffin top or them showing through a pair of white pants. The underwear are priced at $12 a pair. And if you spend $25 or more, you can enjoy free shipping.

If you’re still hesistant about matching your skin code to a color card or ordering online and live in the Valley, you’re in luck. MySkins is the genius idea of a local couple, so there’s a retail location right here in Downtown Mesa. The store and website just launched this past spring making so many of us wonder, “why the heck didn’t I think of this?”

For more info, 480.964.0200.

  1. Perfect. There is nothing worse that wearing a color or fabric bra that’s visible through clothing. Smart thinking.

  2. I agree I like that plunge bra! I’ve actually seen these before and tried matching the palate. I couldn’t find a PERFECT match but now that I see the pictures I get that a close match would still help a lot.

  3. i just read about this somewhere too and was excited to see it was the idea of a local couple.

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