Let Your True Colors Shine With Expert Color Analysis

After a powerful firsthand experience with color analysis, Lexi Morrison and Brooke Svec opened their image-consulting business with House of Colour. Utilizing findings rooted in the theory of color, they’re helping people feel better about themselves without changing a thing.

Less than two years ago, Lexi Morrison and Brooke Svec held full-time jobs in elementary education. Then, something life-changing happened: a color analysis.

“After having my own colors analyzed, my life was forever changed,” says Morrison. “It has not only helped me look fresh and youthful but also feel more confident.”

Color analysis, the art of discovering one’s best clothing and makeup shades based on skin tone, dates back to the early 19000s with Johannes Itten’s theories of color groupings. Artist Robert Dorr is credited as the founder of modern color analysis after observing how specific clothing colors could make actresses look more vibrant and refreshed. He developed a framework based on the four seasons, and in the 1980s, UK-based Image Consultant Carolyn Miller evolved this system further with House of Colour. When Morrison and Svec experienced the transformative power of color for themselves, they found a new calling.

“My desire to help people develop their self-confidence ultimately inspired my leap of faith in opening the franchise with Lexi [Morrision],” says Svec. “Our services are so much more than helping people find their best colors. Getting to help people see themselves as beautiful by showing them how to honor their natural skin tone is so rewarding!”

During a color analysis session, Morrison or Svec starts by determining which season the client belongs to using House of Colour’s signature color analysis process. The image consultant will then conduct a personalized makeup application and establish the customer’s best clothing shades within their season’s palette. And no, clients aren’t expected to memorize all this information on the spot; they’ll receive a customized guide containing their entire range of seasonal colors, plus styling tips and tricks. “I love knowing our clients will leave with the knowledge to last them a lifetime for how to dress confidently,” says Morrison.

In addition to color analysis, Morrison and Svec also offer style analysis. As with all services provided through House of Colour, style analysis provides clients with the resources to feel confident as their authentic selves. “Style analysis is such an empowering and body-positive experience,” says Svec. “By better understanding our clients’ body architecture, personality and lifestyle, we can give them tips for getting dressed that highlight all their best features!”

Morrison & Svec Share Three Easy Ways to Elevate Your Style

  1. Add points of interest. From wearing a piece of jewelry or putting on a belt to tucking your shirt or curling your hair, these small additions can help elevate your look, so you appear more put together.
  2. Invest in true red. Each season is filled with colors unique to its palette, but there is one universal shade that works for all skin tones: true red! Whether it’s a pop of lipstick, a scarf or a great dress, everyone should have something in their wardrobe to honor this powerful color.
  3. Study your color season and clothing personality. Fashion fads come and go frequently. Knowing your clothing personality and color season can help you avoid trends you may not fully love.

    To book a color analysis or style analysis, email lexi.morrison@houseofcolour.com or brooke.svec@houseofcolour.com.

    This story is featured in our Best of Our Valley 2023 issue. Read the full issue online here to celebrate this year’s well-deserving winners.

    Photography by Jennifer Markle

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