Kate Spade Spring 2010

Last evening I attended the FGI event at Kate Spade in Scottsdale Fashion Square. Though I was a member for several years, sadly between running a beauty business and being a fashion editor and freelance stylist it didn’t leave much room for all of the things that I wanted to do. But I must say it was great to be back in the company of so many amazing women in the local fashion biz! And shall we discuss the cuteness of Kate Spade for Spring…yes I was drooling.

Somehow Kate manages to be true to her retro aesthetic and still make is modern and wearable. The shoes, the baubbles, the bags and the dresses… each one more darling than the next. This season is all about fun and travel so the dresses were floaty and fresh, brightly colored and just plain stuff you want to wear over and over again.

Since Kate is so well known for her bags I must start there. There is of course no shortage of pretty but functional bags which I think is what I love the most. Sometimes the status bags and the endless parade thereof gets to be a bore..yawn and Kate is a good anti-dote. I particularly loved the Watch Hill Maryanne bag. It’s bright and citrusy and nothing says Spring/Summer quite like a punch of color. This bag is roomy enough to fit everything for a girl on the go but it doesn’t look overbearing. I also loved the Eaton Square Maryanne because it’s pure retro but it looks aptly chic with any little day dress.

Watch Hill Maryanne

So now that you have the bag ,on to the dresses we go! I saw quite the crowd around this little polka dot number many a time throughout the night. This dress to me is practically a thing of perfection. The SFS store stocks it in a pale champagne pink and I can imagine this at many a Spring or Summer event around town from charity luncheons to weddings.

Or how about the Soda Fountain Stripe dress? This one makes me want to break out the picnic blanket at the park with my favorite guy…too sweet…love it!

I will say if you are watching your pennies, one of the best Kate items to invest in right now is a piece of jewelry. The Garden collection looks like old school Chanel and makes a sweeping statement whether you wear it with jeans, shorts or a dress. I also loved the turquoise colored baubbles and the stacks of enamel covered dot or no dot bracelets. These will freshen up your standard duds in a flash.

Of course I couldn’t cover all the deliciousness that Kate has to offer in just one swoop so I highly suggest you put Ms Spade on your shopping list the next time you are browsing at the mall!

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