Which Disney Princess Are You According to Your Zodiac?

Every girl dreams about being a princess, so what better way to identify your inner princess than by assigning favorite Disney Princesses to zodiac signs? From Aires though Pisces, see which Disney Princess identifies with your sign’s traits and characteristics.

Aires – Jasmine


Those born under Aires are usually very charismatic, charming and outgoing. Aires are never afraid to express their thoughts or stand up for what they believe in, just as Jasmine did when she questioned her father.

However, Aladdin did trick Jasmine into believing that he was a prince since she is so open and vulnerable. The air was cleared soon enough, as Jasmine, like Aires, forgives and forgets.

Taurus – Cinderella

Just like Cinderella, Taurus accepts life as it comes and is known for her strong emotional backbone. Cinderella deals with her insensitive family and doesn’t complain before finding her much-deserveed happy ending.

Gemini – Anastasia


Full of life and energy, Geminis are a paradox – saying one thing then doing another. Anastasia can never seem to make up her mind whether she wants to see her grandmother, while her love with Dimitri is fierce and always a surprise.

Cancer – Tiana


Cancers are one of the most sensitive and emotionally in-tune members of the Zodiac, just like Tiana, who is a driven and courageous heroine who is a true softy on the inside.

Leo – Meg
Leos are the leader of the pack. Disney princess Meg is up front and direct, while being honest and passionate with love interest Hercules.

Virgo – Aurora

auroraWhen the prince awakens her, Princess Aurora is sincere and genuine as one of the more quiet princesses who claims Virgo traits as being reflective and insightful.

Libra – Rapunzel

Libras are continually restless and on the move, and need to be surrounded by others to be inspired. Stuck in a tower completely alone, it’s Rapunzel’s Libra instinct that has her scheming an escape route.

Scorpio – Ariel

Restless like a Scorpio, Ariel is determined to break free from the confines of being a mermaid in order to be human.

Sagitarrius – Pocahontas

Pocahontas perfectly represents the best qualities of Sagitarrius, being an animal lover and great communicator and peace keeper. She, like Sagitarrius, tend to fall in love easily as she did with John Smith.

Capricorn – Jane
Intelligent, ambitious and determined, Jane from “Tarzan” pursues her art and welcomes the unknown of the jungle as a new adventure.

Aquarius – Snow White
snow white

Friendly and accepting of others, Snow White befriends the seven dwarfs and doesn’t think twice about making herself a helpful guest at their home.

Pisces – Belle

Last but not least, Belle is the ultimate Pisces in that she turns her introversion into wise decisions.  Never fooled by the false charms of Gaston, she stays calm, cool and collected in otherwise stressful situations.

Source: Elite Daily

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