Cartier Releases Nouvelle Vague Jewelry Collection Inspired by Paris

Cartier’s latest haute jewelry collection captures the myriad facets of life in the City of Light through delicate structures of 18K gold decorated with colorful gemstones.


A necklace and bracelet in Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague jewelry collection reinterprets the infamous “love locks” on Paris’s Pont des Arts, where thousands of enamored couples have affixed padlocks inscribed with their names on the bridge overlooking the Seine throughout the years. A trellis pattern of 18K rose gold that mimics the chain link on the bridge supports “love locks” of bright amethyst, aquamarine and tourmaline stones.


Other pieces that express the Parisian joie de vivre include a fire-opal ring imbuing the reflection of city lights on the Seine; bracelets and rings mimicking the city’s architecture; and a gold diamond cuff replicating Paris’s iconic ferris wheel, the Roue de Paris.


This is Cartier’s third Paris Nouvelle Vague collection, which was first introduced in 1999 to both pay homage to the maison’s home city, while hoping to appeal to a younger clientele.

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