4 Perfect Sunglasses to Try

I am so excited to be a part of the AFM Style Files blog and am looking forward to sharing my favorite fashion and beauty topics and obsessions with you. So for my very first post I decided to share one of my favorite, and season appropriate obsessions… sunglasses.

Oddly enough my obsession with sunglasses stemmed from a trip to the ophthalmologist where I was told I have a developing cataract in my right eye. Talk about scary, ok honestly I didn’t even know what a cataract was, and in case you may not know either it is when the lens of your eye becomes clouded causing poor vision and can lead to blindness. Since then I have educated myself on the causes of cataracts which varies from smoking to diabetes, but one of the main causes is overexposure to UV rays from the sun.

Now, I can definitely appreciate a fashion statement that serves a dual purpose, especially a healthy one! So here are some fashionable ways to protect your eyes from the harsh Arizona sun.



If you’re like me and like to pretend that you are a glamorous Hollywood actress you will love these oversized square sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana in red. They provide you with the ultimate protection while looking stylish. These will look best on those with an oval-shaped face. At sunglasshut.com

Of course if you really want to evoke the feeling of a true hollywood icon you can opt for the Ray-Ban Wayfarers made popular by none other than Miss Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. These will look most flattering on oval or square-shaped faces, you lucky gals! At rayban.com

Speaking of Tiffany’s… and I promise I did not expect it to flow this well. One of their newest lines appropriately named Tiffany Keys offers everything you could ask for in a good pair of sunnies: poloarized lenses, 100% UV protection and anit-glare coating. Their rectangular shape will look exquisite on round-shaped faces. At tiffany.com

Ok now to vere slightly away from my unintentional hollywood theme. I have always wanted to be that woman who effortlessly eminates that cool-sophisticated-artsy vibe. I can see her now… wearing a crisp oversized white button down with the collar popped, dark wash denim pants cropped just above the ankles, black leather loafers and these Ralph Lauren Honey Cat Eye sunglasses. So if you want to add just a litle bit of that cool vibe to your style these will look best on heart or triangle-shaped faces. At ralphlauren.com

By Kristianne Young

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