3 Perfect White Swim Suits

Just yesterday I was looking at an older AFM fashion editorial from a few years ago. I remember distinctly the day we shot it, not only was it sweltering hot outside, but just at the exact time that we placed our bikini clad model in position a storm of grades schoolers descended on the steps where we were standing. You can imagine the reaction of about a hundred or two first and second graders staring at a gorgeous, tall and scantily clad women. It was mayhem! But aside from the memories that the shoot brings back, I still love the suits that we shot especially one lovely white bikini that rivals the iconic Ursula Andress “Dr No” suit from the James Bond movie of the same name.

Certainly white bikinis or any white swimsuit for that matter makes one look instantly sexy and get instantly noticed. Of course this particular color (or absence of it as the case may be) tends to look best with a bit of a tan…so for fair skinned girls a bit of self- tanner is always a good prerequisite.

And it goes without saying that when you invest in a white suit…be sure that you also have a bit of lining to rely on, see- through might be just fine in your own pool but in public, not so classy. I spied a few of these flattering suits recently that might just be the perfect picks for your own modern Bond girl moment.

Melissa Odabash always creates a killer suit. I love this molded bandeau one, it has a retro feeling and is the perfect answer for those who don’t want to flaunt their tummy. I think it’s just as sexy as a two piece and the best part is that it has detachable straps and molded cups so you really can lounge around working on an exceptional tan then jump into the water and not lose your goods. At netaporter

In the world of two- piece suits J Crew has done us right. I just love this bikini with it’s pleated detail. And of course the modest bottom is perfect for those who don’t really want to show all of their bits. I also love that the top is underwire… perhaps for my own sake and for those that I see at the beach who really could use a little..uh hum support. This suit is sure to go fast… catch it while you can! jcrew.com

And of course who doesn’t love a little bit of a ruffle? Victoria Secret triangle bikini top and darling ruffled bottom make for a grown up but girlish pleasure. This suit is especially good if you tend to have a more boyish torso and narrow hips, it lends a bit of curve in a playful way. Victoriasecret.com

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