3 Fashionable Costumes For halloween

Dressing up for Halloween can be fun, but sometimes wrapping yourself in 50 yards of gauze to be your beau’s mummy bride or painting your face green a la the Wicked Witch of the West is not ideal. So, we’ve come up with 3 fashionable Halloween Costumes that both capture the spirit of Halloween and your fashionista style.

Dressing up as a celebrity is a great way to avoid walking around as the bottom portion of, well, a horse, a dog… you get the picture.


This year we are choosing Katy Perry circa her California Dream album.

What you’ll need:
-A bright, skin tight dress with a fun print: cupcakes, the American Flag, Palm Trees, hearts, polka dots, anything fun and girly.
-A flat Iron (you need those tresses to be stick straight!)
-Extensions (you can go classic Katy with black or fun Katy with purple, blue, or green… or a combo)
-Bright accessories (think a cuff and large earrings)
-A pair of killer colored heels


We stole this one from Elle.com, but it was too good not to share! Wednesday Addams (yes from the Addams Family) is the perfect character to emulate on Halloween… Though Christina Ricci is adorable as a child, try the grown up version for a stylish, sexy look.


What you’ll need:
-Black long sleeve sweater dress (just about the knee)
-A white collared shirt
-Knee-high socks
-A pair of Mary Janes
-We suggest a smokey eye and pale lips
-Wear your hair straight…OR try two fishtail braids instead

If you’ll be attending the MET Gala of Halloween parties then Anna Karenina (the Kiera Knightely version) is perfect!


What you’ll need:
-Feather for your updo
-A few strands of pearsl
-A fabulous ball gown
-Velet or satin pumps
-Chandelier earrings
-Cocktail rings
-Minimal Makeup

By Kristianne Young

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