Your Guide To NY Fashion Week

I know that January is not quite yet over, but I am so excited about New York Fashion Week that I can’t help but start talking about it now. In just 8 days Nicholas K will kick off Fall 2013 Fashion Month. For many of us heading to New York, Paris, London, and Milan among other major fashion locals is not an option, and though we might not be fretting ourselves with how we will make it to the next show on time there is still some preparation to be made.

As a blogger and all around fashion lover there is much to plan for and if like me, you are committed to making the best of your online Fashion Week experience here is what you’ll need:

Be sure to print out the complete New York Fashion Week schedule and tape it up in important places like the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, work cubicle etc. This will not only ensure that you’ll know when to log on to your favorite fashion websites to see the latest collections, but it will also let friends and family know where your head is at on any given day.


The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website has a nifty button which allows you to add shows to your computer’s calendar with one click!


Next you will need to make sure that all of your mobile and electronic devices are charged and that all necessary applications are downloaded and installed, think, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now Twitter’s newest app Vine.


You may not be dead tired from running around NYC all day, but coffee is still a must! Unless you are an early riser, waking up a few hours early to catch the AM shows several days in a row will have you jonesing for a honey soy latte (if you are in the Valley I suggest La Grande Orange…mmmm).


A notebook. You may not be the senior buyer at Barneys or a fashion editor at Vogue, but your opinion still counts. So jot down your favorite looks and maybe a sketch or two… In a few months you’ll be able to look back at your notes and get a head start on fall’s best trends.


Luna Bars are delicious and a healthy snack choice… Believe it or not keeping track of the schedule in order to see your favorite designer’s collections, making sure that you don’t get caught ogling the latest collections at work or school, and the sheer joy of a beautiful piece of clothing definitely encourages an appetite.

Christian Dior

Last but not least, bring your excitement… Fashion Week is beyond amazing and as far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with rearranging and reprioritizing for a week (or four) in order to enjoy something so beautiful.

By Kristianne Young

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