The Season’s Warmest Accessories

I know that I’ve been going on and on about how I can’t wait for the cold weather to finally show up so I can indulge in all of my favorite cold-weather trends, but believe it or not I was totally unprepared. When I left my house with a mere sweater and jeans I realized a scarf might not only have helped keep me warmer, but would have really completed the whole “it’s finally fall” look.

So now that the weather is cool enough that you and I won’t look silly in our favorite fall and winter pieces here are this season’s warmest and most fabulous accessories.

I know that fur is a constant in the realm of cold-weather wear, but I feel like it has gotten an extra boost this season—especially colored fur. Wear a jewel toned fur collar for a high-fashion, dramatic look for a night out or indulge with small fur pom poms like the one on this adorable Lika brim hat—so 1920s-chic. Ralph Lauren would most definitely approve.

This season, fancy, ladylike, and techie, pardon me techinista gloves are what you’ll find at your favorite stores and boutiques. There were so many pairs I loved it was hard to narrow it down to just these three, but I think they are a good preview of what is out there. Kudos to Gucci for thinking about those of us who live on our iPhones, iPads, etc., and Marc Jacobs I can’t even explain how much I love these polka-dot gloves.

The Missoni cashmere capelete comes in a trendy zigzag pattern made of gorgeous blue and purple hues. It is the best of both worlds–casual and stylish,not too bulky it is a perfect choice for traveling. The Nordstrom wool wrap will keep you warm while you enjoy an evening outside by the fire or admiring neighborhood Christmas lights. My favorite of the three has to be the Milly cape, I can’t get over the luxurious and rich eggplant color…and the silhouette will look good on virtually everyone.

There is no doubt that the ethnic/tribal motifs have been hitting the shelves full force this year—and I am definitely on board. However too much tribal can get a bit costume-y, so here are a few subtle ways to add a little bit of culture to your wardrobe without overdoing it. How cute are these Quoddy Navajo inspired boots? Comfy too!

By Kristianne Young

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