This is What a Cross Between a Rolex Daytona & Apple Watch Looks Like

The Rolex Daytona and the Apple Watch are two of the most iconic timepieces, and concept designer 4RMD has taken these watches a step further with a 3D rendering of an Apple x Rolex Daytona Ultra Smart Watch. While a collaboration between Rolex and Apple is just a concept, Time + Tide has given a glimpse of what the legendary hybrid would look like. 

Featuring the luxurious aesthetic of a Rolex and Apple’s advanced technology, the self-proclaimed Daytona Ultra Smartwatch is both high-end and high-tech. The watch has a circular titanium case with an orange bezel and chronograph pushers and comes on a metal bracelet with an Oysterlock clasp. 

Theoretically, the Daytona Smartwatch offers a 60-hour battery life along with a 1.5-inch retina display OLED, 32GB of storage, crash detection, heart rate sensor, temperature sensing and other additional features of an Apple watch. 

Though the concept may or may not spark an actual collaboration between Rolex and Apple, the possibilities of the imaginary watch are exciting. There are now many luxury brands that are exploring the smartwatch world, including TAG Heuer and Louis Vuitton, so the Daytona Ultra SmartWatch may just one day make it onto consumers’ wrists.

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