These are the Most In-Demand Luxury Designer Items

Luxury watch experts Chrono24 have revealed the most sought-after products from the top 10 designer brands in America.

“Luxury is something that many strive to achieve, and to be a part of the world it entails,” says a Chrono24 spokesperson. “These designers have a vast range of collections, and it is fascinating to see which products that U.S. residents seek the most. Bags are a popular option, perhaps due to the timelessness of these pieces, but also their utility.”  

Here are the top 10 most popular designer brands and their best-selling products in the U.S., according to Chrono24’s study:

1. Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton is the most Googled designer brand with 3,600,000 searches per month on average in the U.S. Out of its vast collection, a Louis Vuitton purse is the most sought-after product. Purses range from $1,100 to $6,000 and have a search volume of 305,000 a month in the U.S. 

2. Gucci

Gucci ranks as the second-most searched for designer brand, with 2,200,000 global searches per month. Its most in-demand product is the Gucci belt, which typically retails at $400–$800 and receives 298,000 Google searches on average per month in the U.S. 

3. Balenciaga 

Placing third is Balenciaga, which receives 920,000 searches per month in the U.S. The most sought-after product in the Balenciaga collection is shoes, receiving 319,000 monthly searches.  

4. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren ranks as the fourth-most Googled designer brand with 855,000 monthly searches. Its timeless classic, the famous polo, is also its most sought-after product with 477,000 Google searches. 

5. Prada

Coming in as the fifth-most searched for brand is Prada with 564,000 Google searches on average per month. Its most in-demand products are its bags, which receive 116,000 searches. Prada’s leather bags retail between $2,000–$4,000, while its nylon bags start at $1,000. 

6. Chanel

Chanel is the sixth-most Googled designer brand in the U.S. On average, there are 544,000 searches per month for this brand and 261,000 searches for “Chanel bags.” These bags have grown in price over the past decade, with the “Medium Classic Flap” bag going from $1,150 in 1990 to $7,800 in July 2022. 

7. Alexander McQueen 

Alexander McQueen ranks as the seventh-most Googled designer brand, with a monthly search volume of 491,000. Out of this brand’s collection, shoes are the most sought-after product in the U.S.  

8. Burberry

Burberry, the British luxury fashion house, receives 410,000 average searches per month, making it the eighth-most searched for brand. Burberry’s most sought-after product is its bags, which receive 81,000 searches a month. 

9. Valentino

Coming ninth is Valentino, with 314,000 searches per month. This designer’s most sought-after product is perfume with 72,500 searches. 

10. Christian Dior

Placing tenth is Christian Dior with 306,000 Google searches per month. Dior’s highest in-demand product is also perfume, which has 72,000 searches.

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