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Want to know a starlets best kept secret? A good tailor. Yes…I’m serious. Rarely does a garment fit anyone’s body like a glove. I don’t care if you are a perfectly proportionate size 2. I have been backstage at a handful of runways shows where a tailor is even on hand to make last minute nips and tucks to make garments fit flawlessly.

So when is it worth it to fork out the dough? First off, tailoring may not be as expensive as you think! I had a Ralph Lauren Crested blazer that I was swimming in, and when I took it to the atelier I was floored to find my bill was only $20! Now if the blazer had been $20 at H&M and I spent another $20 to alter it, depending upon the quality of the fabric (and how much I love the garment) this may change my mind as most garments made for fast fashion are not built to last more than a season.

Don’t take your most coveted piece to they tailor for the first time. Test their skills out on something you could part with if they for lack of better terms, screw it up! My Oma (who was the best tailor I have known) always went by the philosophy of measuring twice and cutting once. Make sure the pinning is correct, you are paying for this service so it is okay to be particular.

Many department stores such as Nordstrom (my home away from home), offer free alterations up to a certain amount if you are a store card holder! Take advantage of this! Hem your denim line so your pants aren’t dragging, pinch in the waistline of a dress to maximize your figures features. Prior to learning this new found source of style there were many garments that I would have considered a good fit when in fact, that extra half an inch added 5 pounds.

All tailors are not created equal, so do your homework! Ask your local dry cleaner or fashion boutiques who they would recommend for starters, then test them out and let the customizing begin!!!

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