Spring 2009 Haute Couture: Christian Dior

I know everyone has their eyes on the fall runway shows, but in the more practical sense as the fan cools my skin and the sun peeks its toasty rays through my window, I can’t help but think of spring and all about spring fashion. It may be a bit chilly on the East Coast, but for us West Coast dwellers it’s getting warm out.

What has been the most prevalent fashion news as of late is the shows and the recession and how it’s changed everything; mainly, the realism of how it’s hit hard everywhere and it’s no longer appropriate to have ridiculous over-the-top shows followed by ridiculous over-the-top after-parties. The clothes are a lot more conservative, which is expected as the socioeconomic status of the world and fashion have always been inextricably linked. But….the truth is….whether it’s O.K. to admit it or not, it’s really all quite depressing.

The headlines are there, the reality is here, and it’s definitely the main focus on everyone’s mind. But sometimes, we all just need an escape. Even if it’s just momentary.

So, if you will, indulge yourself a bit. Let go of the stresses, anxiety and real-life worries and enter a world where elaborate, gorgeous  dresses take center stage. Believe me, it’s a world I wish I lived in all the time.

When seeking such escape, I look to the Paris Haute Couture shows. I have a lot of people ask what the difference is so I’ll digress: At Fashion Week, whether it’s in New York, Paris, Milan or London, designers show their ready-to-wear collections. Some of which you may or may not end up seeing in stores. But the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is a whole different ballgame. Dramatic gowns, extravagant styles, elegance, luxury and billowing silhouettes abound. The items shown at the Haute Couture shows aren’t meant for the general public and are completely and utterly exclusive; it’s your go-to spot for that truly one-of-a-kind piece where designers (who, consequently, must be invited in order to participate) show off their creative talents.

Whenever I look at the Haute Couture shows, I’m immediately drawn to Christian Dior. This spring, John Galliano crafted voluminous gowns fit for a Queen. Though to be honest, I truly wish I had events to wear some of these dresses to, all the time.

When asked about the recession, John Galliano summed it up best, “There’s a credit crunch. Not a creative crunch.”

Well, when it comes to Galliano’s designs for most of us, it truly might be a credit crunch…but until then, we could always dream a little dream….And I’ll keep checking my mailbox for a fancy affair invite to come my way.















photos: style.com

  1. John Galliano’s creations are always so fabulous and fantasy-driven…not to mention completely intricate. Love love love…so extravagent!

  2. the only ones that i would EVER actually wear are the first and second…the rest are fabulous…but ridic.

  3. ohh lala, j’adore dior. these are very “litel bo peep”, but cute. thesemodels just need some sheep walking beside them.

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