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Some of us go shopping. And others of us treat shopping as a sport. For the latter, or any looking to indulge with some girlfriends, you should totally check out the VIP shopping packages by Spree! The Art of Shopping.

Take heed, this isn’t for the shopping faint of heart. These shopping packages are a serious deal.  Spree! The Art of Shopping luxury shopping tours are customized to offer you and your friends the ultimate the Valley has to offer in a chauffeur-driven limo for the day. Shopholics can pick from ready-made tours (think the Sex and the City tour, Unique Boutique tour, Home Chic Home tour and more) and indicate preferences you’re looking for. Whether you’re on the hunt for men’s clothing, women’s clothing or maybe some Contemporary Art, your tour will be customized so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

All tours include roundrtip transportation in a limo for you and your friends and a shopping expert. You can also add additional time for lunch if desired. Here’s a sample of the shopping tours offered by Spree! The Art of Shopping. 

Sex and the City

This tour is inspired by the style icons of Sex and the City and you’ll be taken to boutiques that offer the best in say, French lingerie, Jimmy Choo’s, fabulous jewelry and more. 

Westcor Luxury Shopping Tours

Westcor offers two shopping tours: the Trendsetter Tour and the European Chic shopping tour. Both include visits to Westcor locations and boutiques that include Scottsdale Fashion Square, Biltmore Fashion Park, The Borgata or Kierland Commons. Everyone that books a Westcor Luxury Shopping Tour receives a free gift and will be escorted by Westcor’s Concierge for the ultimate in VIP treatment. 

Designer Discount Divas

Always on the hunt for the latest designer threads at a discount? Then this tour is definitely for you. The Designer Discount Divas tour takes you to the best places for designer discount clothing and accessories too.

Artful Soul

This one is a little less clothing-related, but I thought it was unique too. Scottsdale is pretty well-known throughout the country for its art galleries; this tour offers private studio visits and gallery tours, tailored to your taste of course. 


Spree! The Art of Shopping Tours for 1-4 people including limo transportation: $495.
Alternately, you can book a luxury sedan for 1-2 people for $295.

$100 each additional person up to 7 friends.
Special group prices are available for 8 or more shoppers.

Individual VIP service and private shopping are always available.
For more information, www.azshoppingspree.com.

  1. this sounds like fun, but i hate shopping on the clock – what if i want to libger forever – will the car wait for me? i feel like i would be under pressure to buy stuff at each store and be rushed- maybe this just isnt for me! maybe its for those with an unlimited budget – i wish!

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