Polo Party Fashion

This may seem a tad bit overdue, but I realized I never talked about the fab fashion brought to us by the first annual Polo Party at Westworld in Scottsdale, last Saturday. I was bummed that I wasn’t able to attend due to a few other prior engagements. Then I forgot all about it until I saw some pictures a friend of mine took while she was there—which happens to be the reason I decided to write this blog. After also scrolling through the great pictures on Arizona Foothills I have compiled some of my favorite Polo Party looks for you to try.

What struck me most about my friend’s picture, beside the fact that she is gorgeous (and also happens to be a Miss Arizona USA contestant), was her ultra-feminine, and ladylike outfit—an adorable Kate Spade pleated skirt dress with a bow-tied sash and oversized polka dots. She paired it with a cardigan and accessorized with pearls, a charm bracelet, and an exquisite red Chanel chain purse. Polo Party perfection!

Another one of my favorite outfits was a solid red belted-dress paired with a houndstooth jacket. What I like about this look is how easy it is to put together—no need for a lot of statement accessories because the bright color and bold print does all the work for you. If you are not too keen on a houndstooth jacket you can also try a capelete or wrap in the same pattern.

Being that the weather was quite a bit cooler it was the perfect day to debut your most fabulous fall outfit and for one fashionable Polo Party attendee it came in the form of a cozy sweater with shoulder embellishment and a gorgeous silk statement scarf. Though both the embellishment and scarf were stand-out pieces the look wasn’t overwhelming, rather it was just enough.

Brightly hued blazers were all the rage with fashionistas pairing them with everything from a casual Tee to their most polo worthy dresses. My favorite was the bright pink one over a denim button-up—très chic.

Of course I can’t end the blog without mentioning the hats… and there were a lot of them. While most hats were fairly subdued there were a few daring style mavens who went all out for a true Pretty Woman experience ( I was determined to get the Julia Roberts reference in here one way or another).

By Kristianne Young

Looks can be found at Net-A-Porter and Nordstrom

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