PJ’s to wear or give for Christmas

The clock is definitely ticking down the minutes until Christmas and I am finally feeling caught up in the holiday spirit. It’s not that I don’t love the holidays, I do. It’s just that this year I have been so ridiculously busy that the baking, wrapping and decorating didn’t begin in my house until Monday evening and even with that being said there is so much more to do. But this year I decided to leave the holiday stress and crazy commercialism of it all behind and focus on the things that are the most important.

When life gets especially hectic one of my favorite things to do on Christmas Day is convince the family to lounge around in PJ’s all day. Of course this little feat only works when you are sticking around the home front and not so much when you are heading out on the town. So I love to share my guilty pleasure with friends by getting them their own pretty pajamas to lounge around in.

I am one of those people that has never quite grasped the idea of the nightgown. Of course I had plenty of cute little nightgowns when I was a kid. From pink to lace to Disney characters, but as an adult the fact that I would wake with a nightgown twisted up around my torso or shoulders just isn’t my idea of a comfy sleep experience. So, this little night shirt from J Crew is a great compromise in a shorter length and is as cute as it is chic. For functionality when I am hanging around the house. I like to pair it with a cute pair of ladies boxer briefs and a thick pair of fuzzy socks.

This cute little tank and shorts set by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s looks darling but may need the addition of a robe or uggs for that matter to keep you warm on a chilly morning. Of course if you are defying all means of energy conservation and crank up the heat all day… this is the set for you.

Or how about something to keep you cozy and warm like these Victoria Secret Long Janes complete with the classic wintery print. Plus for just under $50 it makes a great gift for giving…. And maybe even a gift for yourself.

Cotton pajama pant sets always remind of of Katherine Hepburn, strange as that may be there is something so East Coast, polished and traditional about the look So for the more traditional girl these Ralph Lauren gingham PJ’s look perfectly presentable just in case friends stop by or even if you need to do a last minute milk run to the grocery.

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