PFW Spring 2013

Though each Fashion Week is unique, fabulous, and no doubt amazing I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that the best has indeed been saved for last. Paris Fashion Week is where every fashion obsessed lady and gent wants to be this week, and the last couple of days have proved that this fashion week season is one to get excited about (sometimes I’m bummed that we are always six months ahead… I want it now!). Plus, Paris is the one city where using the word “chic” is truly appropriate.

At Blaenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière forwent chic for trés sexy. The models sported a whole lot of midriff in combination with short provocatively cut skirts.

The juxtaposition of refined fabric and structures with the great amounts of skin lent to a kind of inappropriate yet enthralling vibe. Ghesquière owns up to his intentions, “It’s the most sensual collection I’ve ever done.”

Among my favorite looks is this sexy, but probably conservatively so, white knotted long sleeve and sporty flouncy powder blue and black graphic skirt. It is the quintessential winter to spring look.

I don’t know about you, but one of the best things about fashion is the feel; yes, as in touch. There is nothing like quality work and luxurious fabric, and by the look of it Guillaume Henry has made a Carven spring collection that I want to touch.

The textures of the tweed and leather create interest in pieces that might otherwise be categorized as classic, minimal, simple. The high-definition reds further the appeal.

Though the heavy jackets, grey-blues, and collars seem to be leaning toward something one might wear this time of year rather than six months from now, I think that Henry is successful in offering women the opportunity to indulge in layers year-round… (As my friend said the other day, “that’s what AC is for”).

Julien David gave us the entire wardrobe of the cool girl who is a regular at the trendy coffee shop downtown… The one who probably washes her hair once a week and still manages to have the best tresses holding a grande Americano. Okay maybe, I’m the only one who feels that way about the coffee shops. Nonetheless this collection is inspired by David’s youth or perhaps just youth in general.

The collection opened with a “DINOSAUR” tank layered over a multi-patterned patchwork dress. The collection continues with a mashup of preppy, vintage, and collegiate sentiments.

By Kristianne Young


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