PFW Reviews: Dior, Akris, Simoëns

We took a little break from Fashion Week coverage, which in the fashion world is comparable to a year. There have been dozens upon dozens of collections to hit the runways since our last post, and so now we are going to play a little catch up… So, join us as we revel in some of the past weeks amazing fashions!

Let’s start with Christian Dior. Last week, Raf Simons showcased his second ready-to-wear for the famed fashion house. The collection was a successful mash-up of art a la Warhol and classic Dior style.


Simons use of asymmetry and half-bows render the collection dreamy, as in I want to wear these red coat and black skirt to buy groceries—editorial turned real life.



Though there is new, old, and classic…peplums, leather, and Warhol embossed bags added an air of trendiness that is sure to attract a new set of Dior fans.


I’m not sure if I am more in love with the super slick parted hair or the plethora of cozy sweaters, but Akris is among my favorite Paris shows this season.


The overwhelmingly black collection is a tribute to Albert Kriemler’s mother, whom he lost last December. According to the collection is inspired by his mother’s personal wardrobe of turtleneck gowns, blouse-and-pant combos, and clean tailoring.


Even so, Kriemler created some sexy sheer pieces with appropriately placed panels ranging from silk to shiny tiles to leather tending toward sophisticated futuristic than overtly sexy—a balance that can be hard to manage.


Okay, now lets talk dresses and skirts! I am obsessed with Maxime Simoens… first look! I really do appreciate the entire line, but I was just so excited about the combo of a collared long sleeved shirt with a denim-esque bodice and a-line pleated skirt. It was like taking everything proper and turning it into something uber cool.


There were several takes on this look and then there was exciting and electric combos of sherbet orange, electric blues and fur… sigh.


I’m certain that women around the world will be enjoying vacations, summer parties, and lunch with the girls in this black and orange maxi.

Now that we have caught up a bit a piece of fashion news via

Haute couture literally translates to “high sewing,” but what does the term really mean? When ready-to-wear dresses and coats can cost upwards of $4,000, what are the real indicators that a piece is truly couture?
A new exhibit opening at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris this week should clear those questions up. Sponsored by Swarovski (whose crystals have adorned couture since its inception), “Paris Haute Couture” is currently on display at the Hôtel de Ville, and runs until July 6, 2013.
Along with approximately 100 couture dresses—from Worth to Christian Dior to Maison Martin Margiela—the exhibit features photos and videos that track the creation of a couture piece from “conception to completion.”

By Kristianne Young
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