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Next to Fashion Week, one of the most intense and exciting times in fashion is award season. Stylists, PR firms, and designers scramble to get the hottest looks on the hottest celebs and hope for a winner (both stylistically and literally). Last night kicked off the award season with the People’s Choice Awards, and to say the least there was an interesting mix of looks on the carpet…

I was a huge fan of the short, spunky frocks that several young starlets sported. And though it may be the middle of winter, it is also L.A.


Chloe Mortez knocked it out in this adorable neon floral dress. Her short red nails and simple choice in shoes helped to keep the look age-appropriate. Though I would have liked to see something more done with her golden locks. Nonetheless I can’t wait to see more of her on the red carpet and with the list of movies she has coming out this year (Carrie, The Rut, Kick-Ass 2), I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of this 15-year-old gem.


I was beyond excited to see Lea Michele in a hot pink, Elie Saab almost-but-not-quite sheer dress after her overtly sexy dresses from last year’s award season. She looks fresh, young, and she is definitely glowing.


I am beyond obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo’s Lanvin dress and belt. You really can’t get much more California chic than this. Also I bet she was very comfortable … just a thought.


Though I generally like to stay positive when it comes to my red carpet choices (because we all have an off day once in a while and thankfully it’s not in front of the entire world), I have to mention Julianne Hough’s misstep. Perhaps the idea was bent on the latest “galaxy” trend, but the sheer top dress with sparkles that continue onto the skirt looked better suited for the ice skating rink.


Taylor Swift didn’t just shed Harry Styles this week; she also left behind the sparkly dress and red lip for… well, a super sexy, white Ralph Lauren gown with a plunging neckline, a smoky eye, and pouty nude pink lips. You can only wonder which hot young man in Hollywood she caught the attention of last night. Any guesses who we might see T. Swift with next?


Eddie Redmayne, the 31-year-old Les Mis actor (he looks way younger than 31), looked trés beau in his suit, vest, and red pocket square sans tie.


Everyone who wants to look this hot when they are 44 raise your hand. Yes, Naomi Watts looked half her age in this gold and black back-baring Alexander McQueen dress. I’m also wondering how I can manage this hairstyle this week…

Who do you think were the best and worst dressed celebs at the People’s Choice Awards?

By Kristianne Young

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