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As I sit down to write this blog, and particularly this sentence, it is exactly 9 days : 15 hours : 21 minutes until the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London (thanks the to nifty countdown on London2012.com). When I was younger, I didn’t care much for the Olympics, a bunch of people I wasn’t familiar with doing random sports (like fencing and handball) and taking over my regularly scheduled television. Now that I’m older and can appreciate the accomplishments and stories of these very inspiring athletes—I’m all in.

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In my world there is no better way to support than with school spirit or I guess in this case Country spirit… I’m talking “Let’s Go Team!” shirts (like you made in high school and wore to all the football games because you had a crush on the quarterback). Of course, I won’t be whipping out the puff paint this time around, because some of our favorite brands have already created fabulous Olympic-inspired wear for us.

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Before I get too carried away with my favorite picks, have you seen the new Team USA uniforms? I know that a lot of people think they are silly looking, but I’m totally digging the Ralph Lauren Berets.

Gap was quick to get in on the 2012 games with vintage Olympic Ts and Tanks for men, women and children. My favorite tank has a vintage graphic from the 1948 games. And because it is vintage inspired you can wear it year after year.

If you are one for designer names, then you will be happy to know that Mr. Karl Lagerfeld has designed an Olympic-inspired collection of apparel and accessories for London’s Selfridges. The collection will capture “the energy and celebrations around the Olympic Games in the host city of London.”

Photo: vogue.co.uk

Adidas has just launched the ‘Originals x Opening Ceremony’ collection, “Serving up heritage Adidas sportswear with a 90s streetwear spin, the collection brings you neoprene dresses, spandex peplum tops, bandana-print anoraks, and original Samba sneakers done OC-style!” The styles, prints, and patterns are a definitely daring… what about these pink transparent rubber oxfords?

Of course if you are true fan you can shop Ralph Lauren US Olympic collection. The Blue Label Team USA mesh polo dress is the sexiest way to support your team this summer… oh and did I tell you that you can even get your very own beret?

By Kristianne Young

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