New York Fashion Week Wraps Up

New York Fashion Week has come to an end and it kind of feels like the end of a great day at Disneyland—it was 12 hours of non-stop fun and now the park shuts down, turns off the lights, and it is time to go home. Of course lucky for us, just as there is always another day at Disneyland so there is Fall Fashion Week (in the spring) to look forward to…and of course we also get to look forward to wearing all the fabulous spring trends in the coming year.

So I will end this week of reviews with what can be compared to as that one last ride on Space Mountain… Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs.

Oscar de la Renta is hands down my favorite designer and I have literally viewed all 63 looks in this collection at least a dozen times since yesterday…so just a little heads up this particular review is probably a little bias.

Leave it to Oscar to start the show off with billowing silk taffeta gowns in red, golden-yellow, and green topped with lace Ts—the likes of such pieces usually held for the grand finale. Thankfully this “grand beginning” did not lead to disappointment, but rather fresh look after fresh look. Lace, fur, floral, and bold colors were all part of the show, which had a slightly younger appeal than usual for the famed designer—matched by the unusually young crowd to include Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj. Seeing as though I was enamored with every piece in this collection if I had to choose my favorite it would be the sheer, white-lace, mermaid style dress with the black lace jacket.

Though I have never actually read the book or seen the movie I knew immediately upon seeing the Ralph Lauren collection that it was inspired by The Great Gatsby. The designer who created the costumes for the movie in 1974 designed a very literal collection—the only modern facets were perhaps the leather jackets and feather collars. Pastels and floral prints dominated this collection with pretty blues, greens, pinks and yellows and ultra shimmery silver and white for the evening looks. A fan of menswear, Lauren was sure to fit in a couple of slightly oversized, white, pinstriped suits. The accessories too were straight from the 1920’s and I wouldn’t be surprised if flapper-style hats are a big trend come springtime.

Last but not least, Marc Jacobs closed-out the Spring 2012 shows with fringe. Though I will admit there was a whole lot more going on in this collection than just fringe. There were pantsuits, sheer gingham dresses, knee length faux crocodile skirts and so much more. There was a mixture of the 1920’s, ‘60s, ‘90s and undoubtedly a futuristic feel with stiff clear skirts. “I just wanted the feel of a southern dance hall,” Jacobs told The New York Times. Although no one is still quite sure as to whether it really said “dance hall” or not, somehow he managed to make it work.

By Kristianne Young


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