How Sex and the City would be different on TV today.

This weekend I finally had a chance to meet up with the girls for dinner. It is
always such a special thing to hang out with your oldest and dearest. The
topics run the gamut from food, to kids, to Instagram, to current events, and
how things have changed over the years.

It’s crazy to me that many of the things that brought me so much joy as a kid
aren’t even part of the equation for kids growing up today. This same
sentiment apparently holds true when it comes to one of my favorite HBO shows of
all time – Sex and the City.

Even though many a fashionable assistant has tried to get me hooked on “Gossip
Girl” and despite the genius of Lena Dunham’s “Girls” on HBO somehow my love
for SATC has held true. The show and SJP fulfill my guilty pleasure on those
rare days when I am able to indulge in some lazy couch time and a mini DVD marathon.

I came across this fabulous article on BuzzFeed “28 Ways Sex And The City Would
Be Different If It Were On TV Now”. I almost couldn’t believe that it has been
fourteen since the show first went on the air. And if you’re a diehard fan you
might remember that the first episode was filmed very differently, often with
characters speaking directly into the camera. And you will also recognize that the list is comprised of both the series and the movies but still a fun idea just the same.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the list… Along with my own two cents on the

1 Carrie would date a guy that worked at a tech start up.

I too wonder with the Real Estate, banking and mortgage woes of the last few
years would Mr Big have had another career?

2. Samantha would run a Social Media Marketing firm.

Instead of her Office in Times Square ( disclaimer this photo is from the movie
not the series) she would be housed out of some uber cool loft in Williamsburg
with loads of young minions at her disposal

3. Carrie would wear Pierre Hardy shoes instead of Manolo Blahniks.

Though the show really solidified our obsession with heels I think Carrie would
also be rocking Brian Atwood and Givenchy.

4. Instead of a Gucci fanny pack she would be sporting a giant Celine handbag

No one made an ab bearing + fanny pack moment look quite so sexy but these days
the bigger the bag… The better. I mean who can fit their stuff into that little pack?

5 Carrie would have 60,000 followers on Twitter

The plotline would be something maddening like: after Samantha teaches Carrie
about the value of Twitter, she signs up and within DAYS accrues a following of
30,000. She becomes obsessed with the numeric value Twitter allows her to place
on her popularity — but can she Tweet and keep her relationships intact?

6 Charlotte would have gotten all the girls to try a juice fast

Okay I admit in this regard I am probably the Charlotte of my group…. While the
rest of the gang would be satisfied with cupcake pops, and Vodka/soda drinks or
a Skinnygirl beverage I would be eating raw or juicing.

7 Carrie would eBay her clothes instead of giving them away

Unless she was donating to her favorite charity Carrie would be selling those
designer labels for a pretty penny and girls from Tokyo to LA would pounce.

8 Charlotte would be a Pinterest freak

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? And Charlotte would be no exception this Art Gallery
maven, then Mom with the mostest would definitely snag some decorating, fashion
and food ideas from this obsession inducing site.

9 Samantha would read “50 Shades of Grey” and decide its hardly raunchy or
scandalous. Need I elaborate?

10 Instead of TiVo-ing “Jules and Mimi” Miranda would DVR ” Downton Abbey”

As a fan of BBC Miranda would be head over heels for the drama, scandal and enticing plot lines that keep up on our toes.

11 Instead of writing a weekly column for the “NewYork Star” or “Vogue” Carrie
would work for “” or be a blogger

Check out the full list at

Sources: Buzzfeed Photos: Buzzfeed

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