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We here at Style Files are huge fans of all of the other lovely fashion, style, and beauty blogs and websites around the web. One of such site is, which somehow finds a way to make light of just about everything—in a tasteful and appropriate way of course. One of my recent favorite posts is when they ask questions of fashion-y TV shows, talk about a good laugh.

Today I want to share just a few of these questions (you can read all of them here, here, and here) before I get on to some fashion news.


Questions for The Rachel Zoe Project:

2. Who are all these new people at the Rachel Zoe HQ??? I don’t like not knowing them. And what happened to the random attractive guy from episode one?

4. What is this huge field in which Rachel and Eileen are having a meeting? The Zoe compound?

8. Why did Rodger ask for printed out photos of DreamDry? Did I accidentally switch to Downton Abbey?

Questions for It’s a Brad, Brad World:

3. How great must it be to have a job that simply involves “trusting your taste?”

6. How did they get through all that Alaia talk without a Clueless reference?

7. Will these conversations between Brad and Hannah while the client is getting dressed please continue?


Questions for The Face:

2. Was it really necessary for Amar’e Stoudemire to hold a basketball when he entered the room? Just, you know, in case it wasn’t clear who he was after Nigel Barker’s introduction five seconds earlier?

8. How does Sandra intend to model in both Paris and France? Tricky.


In local fashion news, the folks at Zara have heard our cry!—literally. A blogger friend of mine personally wrote Zara last year to ask why the major fast-fashion retailer had yet to bring their goods to a major metropolitan area like Phoenix. Scottsdale Fashion Square confirmed the news via their twitter account last week. No matter how they came to this conclusion, I am extremely excited that I no longer have to drive 4 hours in any one direction to locate my nearest Zara.


In fashion industry news, Patrick Robinson, former design director for Giorgio Armani and executive vice president of designer for Gap, is launching an active wear line all his own. PASKHO is on Kickstarter and Robinson invites customers to provide feedback by voting on products. Items should be available come June provided that the project is fully funded per Kickstarter rules. Style Files wishes you luck Patrick!! Via

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