Emmy Night – What they Wore

I may be a day late and a few pennies short but I must address the Emmy’s –who what and wear. I for one was more than a tad disappointed, make that bored…zzzzz. What ever happened to the good ol’ days (heck even two years ago) when starlets took chances and you could always count on one A-lister to cause a stir in a good way? There were a few definite misses – Phoebe Price’s let’s celebrate Halloween early and Victoria Powell “Go Obama” dresses, Sara Silverman went a bit medieval as well.

Victoria Powell
Victoria Powell

For the most part oh how I miss those days when there was a palpable anticipation just waiting to see what fabulous or hideous gown so and so was wearing and this year I barely oooh’d and ahh’d. Well it seems that the tabloids, blogs and worst dressed lists have Tinsel town shaking in their boots. The word for the evening S A F E!
Let’s do the rundown – bronzed skin – check, glossy lips, check, false eye lashes-check, messy bun – check, mermaid gown – check. Don’t get me wrong darlings, it’s not that everyone didn’t look lovely, because darn near everyone did…. It’s just a bit homogenized these days. Maybe if there weren’t award shows every five minutes and paparazzi following starlets around 24/7 there would be a bit of mystery left.

Even the always-perfect Debra Messing failed to excite this year in her red Michael Kors. Sadly she was practically perfect in every way and the blogs that roared landed her on the “worst” lists from coast to coast. My, my what a jaded bunch we have become!

Debra Messing
Debra Messing

There were a few bright spots like January Jones in her architectural pearl- white Versace number. And though her red-hotness might have been more suited for the Oscars, Blake Lively also added a little fire to the evening in her Versace as well.

January Jones

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Kristen Chenoweth looked as darling as ever in her sequined mini by Zuhair Murad and as always her makeup and pony were perfect! For me the always-fresh Drew Barrymore was practically channeling Gwyneth in her Monique Lhuillier. Maybe I was missing the Marilyn hair but still she was a picture of lovely.

Kristen Chenoweth

Drew Barrymore

Leighton Meester looked fresh and pretty in daylight but the indoor lighting seemed to add too much drama… especially next to Blake’s fresh face and though I liked her Bottega Veneta and all it’s details at first glance after one of my LA stylist friends compared her to wearing bunched up wads of TP on her shoulders… I am afraid it was never quite the same.

Leighton Meester

Though it pains me so, I must mention Kim Kardashian… was she or was she not doing a very good J Lo? So good it was scary!

Kim Kardashian

So many stars so little time so stay tuned for more Emmy looks tomorrow!

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