Emmy Moments – part two

Despite my musings about ho hum Emmy moments on Sunday there were still a few more honorable mentions on both sides of the best and worst dressed list. Aside from the don’t- miss- me collection of earrings and twig thin bodies I must say how much I thought the over forty crowd shined…. Did you catch the back of Glenn Close in that slinky black Armani number? I thought she looked stunning! And lets do mention Julia Louis Dreyfus in all her Vera Wang peacock glory… though understated she looked charming as usual.


Glenn Close


Julia Louis Dreyfus

Holly Hunter as always rocks her ultra fit body in close to the skin dresses and though she is extraordinary on the screen big or little I am yearning for her to break away from the just rolled out of bed locks and simple makeup routine… even just the slightest tweak… false lashes maybe would satisfy without taking her too far from her signature.


Holly Hunter

Jenna Fischer much improved from last year…but I fear someone needs to hire that doll a stylist and the same for Elisabeth Moss, hair and makeup were as darling as could be and the Reem Acra dress though beautiful and much improved was maybe just maybe not the one for her- AMC please send her a fairy fashion godmother, heavens knows she has earned it! Speaking of Mad Men, last year Christina Hendricks just wreaked of old Hollywood siren but where have all the curves gone? She still looked gorgeous in her sparkling blue regalia but I have to say the slightly more plus size of CH was really fan-tas-tic…. I mean stop the madness… who is next…Jennifer Hudson as a size 6? Can anyone have hips in the city of lost angels?


Jenna Fischer


Elisabeth Moss


Christina Hendricks

Olivia Wilde always a beauty left me with mixed feelings…she looked amazing in the pale sea foam Marchessa but the one shoulder lace oddly kept bringing back flashes of Bjork’s swan song that I just could not shake… her hair and makeup however were prettified as ever.


Olivia Wilde

And kudos to Sandra Oh who knows her body and knows how it should be dressed…loved the gold! I can’t forget from another of our fav medical dramas Jennifer Morrison in that strapless little Calvin Klein number….she looked sweet and understated and that hemline… fab!


Sandra Oh


Jennifer Morrison

Heidi Klum always the vision wins the award for the perfectly dressed Marchessa baby bump…. Really she is a freak of nature if there ever was one! Along the same lines as Debra Messing she looked perfect yet somehow I wasn’t over the moon….perhaps she was more of a vision of beaded glory in person than the snaps could capture?


Heidi Klum


Debra Messing

Really love, I have no idea why I feel such the funk, am I jaded? …perhaps after Lady Gaga at the VMA there are no surprises left….at least not any that don’t require prescription meds!

  1. olivia wilde”s (whoever that is) dress looks like a figure skater dress. i dont like it.
    hey any tips on how to NOT get wrinkled satin like in the elizabeth moss (again, whoever that is) picture?

    1. Celebs on the red carpet spend up to three hours between limo drop off and red carpet photo moments so by the time they get into their seats there is no such things as crease-free. To minimize wrinkles before your own red carpet photo opps – your dress is the last thing you should put on before you head out the door and if possible always smooth your dress above and below as you sit so that you have no bunchy fabric underneath you. Sitting at a slightly reclined angle in the car helps as well. During the evening whenever possible sit only on the edge of your seat not all the way back so majority of the fabric stay smooth… high maintenance YES, but I am afraid that satin is wrinkly by nature and in this case, you just can’t fight mother nature!

  2. I love Jenna Fischer but thought that dress was wayyyy too boring for her. She could have looked so good. I actually like Olivia Wilde’s dress, I love Marchesa.

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