Designer Spotlight: Beau Soleil

Monday’s are all about two things: dreading the work week ahead and trying something new. The last one may well just be one of my kooky ideas but I figure, you’ve got five full days ahead of you, so if you’re trying to do or learn something new, Monday is the day to get to it.

So for today’s lesson, I want you to throw any and all notions you have of eco-friendly, organic, sustainable fashion out the window and be ready for what’s actually happening. I have a slew of green designers for both clothing, accessories, handbags and even shoes up my sleeve that will totally knock the socks off any pre-conceived ideas you had about organic fashion.

First up in the lineup is the clothing line, Beau Soleil. This relatively new line was started by designer Anne Salvatore Epstein and is named after the designer’s favorite oyster. When Epstein became pregnant, she sought to change her lifestyle to something simpler, modern and organic. Thus Beau Soleil was born, a fashion-forward line that uses fabrics like bamboo, vegetable-dyed organic cottons, recycled leather trims and other sustainable materials. Epstein’s professional background in fashion at Marc Jacobs also highlighted the manufacturing process of clothing and its effect on the environment.

Now often, when I think of eco-friendly, sustainable clothing, plain tees and hippie wear comes to mind. But Beau Soleil is far from your Birkenstock and hemp wear look. Take a look for yourself at some of the spring and pre-spring 2009 collections below. I dare you to not want to sport some of these cute dresses on a warm, summer day.


This beau fighter dress, $275, has my name written all over it. Paired with some gladiator flats, I could go shopping all day in this.


This beau queen dress, $250, is made of 100% bamboo and is ultra sassy.


It may be to warm for it now but for those cooler nights, this beau bunny sweater, $215, looks super cozy.


This lightweight beau em cardigan, $185, is perfect for layering.


As is this beau swing cardigan, $185.


I’m in love with long maxi dresses right now, they’re just so comfy! This beau ring dress, $275, has a sexy Grecian feel to it.


Beau pippy, $265, from the pre-spring collection is fun and flirty.


And I’m loving the asian feel to this beau mandarin, $250, dress.


The perfect summer dress for Arizona has to be this beau toro, $250, number. I’m thinking, Scottsdale Culinary Festival with flats? Yes please!

  1. I really like the Beau pippy gray dress…it looks so loose and comfy and totally versatile. And yay for CUTE eco-friendly stuff…I’ve been trying to switch over to more green beauty products and lotions and stuff, but it’s good to know that clothing is coming along as well!

  2. Great design concept. And if I had to make a decision I think I would choose the first dress, the beau fighter dress—it makes for the perfect cocktail dress.

  3. I love the cardigans. They look perfect for AZ. Cause sometimes even when it’s hot you need a matching lightweight cardigan for the a/c in offices, movie theaters, restaurants.. etc etc.

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