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Converse Releases New Chuck Taylors After 98 Years

The classic sneaker that transitions seamlessly across ages, years and wearers of all kinds has gotten a chic makeover.

After 98 years, Converse is changing the design of its classic Chuck Taylor shoe, all in the name of comfort.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.46.06 PM

The new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II will feature technology borrowed from parent company Nike, including Nike’s Lunarion foam, extra arch support and a non-slip tongue with micro-suede liner for more breathability.

Change is in little details like these as the central aesthetic of the shoe remains unchanged, with the signature Converse All-Star patch still prominent on the sides of each shoe.


At $75 for high-tops and $70 for low-tops, the Chuck II rings in for $15 more than the original Chucks. Converse Chuck II will hit retail stores July 28.

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