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Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas 2009

So we have all been there and done that. In fact it’s quite inescapable that one doesn’t commit a fashion faux pas at some point in their lives, and many of us commit them on a semi-regular basis. But before you think that I am living in a glass house and casting stones…. I fully admit that although I know how to dress other people there are times quite frequently when I can barely dress myself. I too have a long list of fashion indiscretions starting way back in the 80’s and perhaps a few times in the 70’s when my poor Grandmother bless her soul let me convince her that what I was wearing was fashionable and all the kids were wearing it. Let’s just say I was ahead of my time a bit on some of those trends….they eventually became acceptable just not at the time that I wore them. As we know even professionals make some pretty disastrous moves from time to time as evidenced on the red carpet this year but for any starlet, star or dare I say has- been that goes it alone and appears anywhere where a wall of cameras will be present a word of advice -never leave home without your stylist!

On that note, here are a few of the larger Celebrity fashion flubs this year.

Oh how I adore Cate Blanchett, I find her to be one of the finest actresses to ever grace the silver screen and most often she or her stylist have impeccable taste on the red carpet….nay for this one gargantuan sized mistake, I am not sure if she is so fashion forward ahead of me that I can’t comprehend or if perhaps she just missed her childhood blankie? I know she was trying to support the local Melbourne brand Romance Was Born and for that I applaud her! Maybe if it were sleeveless???


Sandra Bullock another actress that I always find to be a breath of fresh air, undoubtedly unspoiled and down to earth and most of the time quite smashing in front of the cameras but clearly some yes woman or man in her camp needed to be fired after convincing her that this little dress and bootie combo was absolutely okay for the All About Steve premiere. If she was playing the queen of hearts….maybe, but otherwise this is best left to a runway only.


And how about the usually chic Sharon Stone? Apparently it’s all in the details for her, it just happened to be the wrong details this time. I say stick to your usual minimal frouf Ms Stone.


Okay I know that everyone is digging plaid these days but this is a bit much Taylor Momsen. Does it look to anyone else like she might have stolen the “Brawny” guys shirt? Fit is everything darling!


And not to beat a dead horse, I mean I could go on about Jessica Simpson’s mom jeans and all, but can we revisit the Kanye and Amber thing? Here is Kanye with a bottle of Jack next to Amber doing her best snake imitation…. I ask again really?



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