Angelina Jolie’s Style: Does it hurt our world?

This past weekend the hubby and I decided to sneak a few quick daytime hours out of our normally hectic schedule to take in a movie. The picture of choice was Salt with Angelina Jolie. Please tell me, is there anyone who doesn’t like to see Angelina kick a little bit of booty? And really I can’t think of any other female star that compares to her…sorry Megan Fox even though physical imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you just can’t fake that authentic intensity compared to the real thing. In any case I rather enjoyed it and was more than relieved that it wasn’t Tom Cruise up on the screen as originally planned.

Since the opening of the film there has once again been a frenzy swirling around Ms Jolie and the Jolie-Pitt clan. Why just this weekend she attended the ever expanding Comic Con in San Diego looking amazing in a Versace leather ensemble and recently at the Russian Premiere of Salt she wore a gorgeous red Versace Atelier gown, and while at Red Square she wore a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana number.

So why am I recounting Angelina’s itinerary for you? Well, just this morning I sat down to read WWD online and came across an article by Bridget Foley (the exec editor) called “The Trouble with Angelina”. And as I read on, it was clear to me that Ms Foley had a lot to say, but not really. Her beef was with the fact that this super -gorgeous, super- Mom, super- movie hero is a tad too plain for being such a big star…and in her plain-ness she is really hurting “us” (the “us” being the fashion industry I assume). To quote from the article “Don’t misunderstand: Angelina undone is still drop-dead gorgeous. Nevertheless, her penchant for dressing down indeed impacts our world”. Really Ms Foley? Silly me, I thought things like the housing crash, a down-turned economy and crime were affecting us and here all the time it was Angelina’s wardrobe….hmmm

Don’t get me wrong, I understand what Ms Foley is trying to say…we need icons, we need hero’s… gone are the days of Jacqueline Kennedy or her daughter in law Carolyn Bessette Kennedy for that matter, (and I agree) but after reading, I still sat there dumbfounded thinking… so now we are picking on probably the biggest female star in the universe because she isn’t as flamboyant as we want her to be? Personally I think Angelina’s choice of wardrobe is restrained yes, understated yes, but somehow perfect. Mainly because she never seems to be trying too hard and she never looks uncomfortable in her own skin. In fact if she seemed overly obsessed with her looks and her wardrobe it would take away from her mother –earth Goodwill Ambassador persona which I will take any day over a long list of celebrities that in their insecurities try way to hard to make a statement. As much as I love fashion, I also love a women who seems utterly unaffected by her looks and can maintain some form of mystery that keeps us wanting more…now that’s an icon! Sadly it’s just not the kind of icon that gets us talking as much as Lady Gaga or Snooki.

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