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10 Easy Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Looking to put together a Halloween couple costume with your boo this year? From cute to scary, look no further than these 10 easy and creative couple Halloween costume ideas.

1. Eleven and Dustin from Stranger Things

For Eleven, a pink dress, tube socks and blonde wig are all you need, with a dirty face and bloody nose for makeup. Dustin needs a trucker hat on a curly wig, a t-shirt and a bomber jacket.

2. Suicide Squad

One year ago we ran into each other at a Halloween party and I had no idea who you were or that I’d ever see you again. I was alone and you had a date that night but we happened to have matching costumes so I asked if you’d snap a photo with me… That was all… After the photo, I spent the rest of the night with my girlfriends and you left with your date. Little did we know we would meet again (pretty sure you tried to make that “accidentally” happen) and that a few months later we would be completely inseparable and have this random photo of us from a party where we were complete strangers ironically in matching costumes… Little did I know you weren’t a Joker at all but my sweet Superman in disguise…. ❤️ #Halloween #Throwback #Joker #HarleyQuinn #SuicideSquad #HarleyQuinnCosplay #Love #CoupleCostume #Cosplay #Couple #DCcosplay #DC #FitCouple #Throwback #OneYear #JokerAndHarley

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Harley Quinn and Joker never looked better.

2. Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley costumes from Big Little Lies

All you need is an LBD and pearls, while your Elvis rocks sideburns and a leather jacket.

3. Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation

You two, stop your fighting. #ParksandRec @mradamscott

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Pair matching plaid shirts with a blazer and blonde wig for Leslie and a skinny tie and glasses for Ben.

4. Baby and Lily from Baby Driver

For Lily: a waitress costume with hoop earrings. For Baby: A sweatshirt under a vest, sunglasses and headphones.

5. La La Land

A yellow dress is key! Match your partner with vintage-inspired dancing shoes.

6. Daenerys and Khal from Game of Thrones

Your Halloween costumes can’t go wrong if they’re Game of Thrones-inspired.

7. Corpse Bride & Groom

White dress + suit and lots of makeup = one scary bride and groom.

8. Bonnie & Clyde

Pull together your work clothes for a polished undercover criminal look à la Bonnie & Clyde.

9. Bandits

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Be partners in crime with matching black jeans and striped shirts.

10. Pulp Fiction

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White shirts, black pants and a black bob wig for her is all you need for this classic costume!

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