Your Chance to Meet Dior’s Resident Artist

It is always exciting when you get the chance to meet an individual who has become successful in their chosen industry, and for us here at AFM Style Files it is even better when they happen to be in the beauty or fashion industry. If you’ve never made it out to a meet and greet before, here is your chance—and a chance I suggest you don’t miss.

Today, Saks Fifth Avenue at Biltmore Fashion Park will be hosting Bill Donovan, Dior Beauty’s very first resident artist. Bill Donovan is an artist, fashion illustrator and educator who has founded a strong relationship with the cosmetics, beauty and fragrance industries.

As an artist Bill has done everything from live illustrations at special events, promotional illustrations, and even window displays. Donovan’s position as Artist-In-Residence at Dior incorporates many of these design aspects (such as creating limited edition note cards for the brand), but he also acts as a brand ambassador and consults on new products.

According to his website Donovan subscribes to the idea that “less is more,” which directly translates into his creative work giving it an elegant and timeless style. His tools of choice are a brush and ink which he employs to capture the essence of a fleeting moment when called upon to illustrate live at events. His ability to do so with minimal time and with keen detail has provided Donovan the opportunity to work with several fashion magazines including Vogue and InStyle.

Though Donovan is perhaps best known for his live fashion illustrations his talent doesn’t stop there, in fact he shares it with up-and-coming fashion hopefuls as an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Illustration Department at FIT in New York. As a strong advocator of education he has also authored a textbook titled Advanced Fashion Drawing/Lifestyle Illustration, which was published in Fall 2010.

As though this all isn’t impressive enough, under the name of William Donovan, Bill is also a fine artist creating paintings, drawings, and sculptures. However, these works have a markedly different feel to them reflecting less on the moment and more on personal experiences and memories.

Now that you know everything there is to know, well at least what I could fit into this blog, make sure that you stop by Saks Fifth Avenue today!

Donovan will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue
on Thursday, October 20th from 1 to 5 pm.
For more information please call 602.955.8000 ext. 5341.

By Kristianne Young


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