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There is a trend sweeping through the red carpets and paparazzi moments of Spring that I must say I love…As a makeup artist I think it look delightfully fresh and pretty, but as a woman over forty…not quite so sure. It’s really just another shade haunting me from the eighties when I had the inner fortitude to wear nearly any crazy color imaginable in my makeup palette. Back then of course I had youth on my side and a deep bronze tan so nearly every shade when applied carefully was as hip as could be. But then things change… if you are over forty you must proceed with caution and not try to make friends with every shadow, blush or lipstick trend that comes your way, but in this care there might just be a way to avoid looking frozen in time. So what is this little phenom of the moment you say? Why fuchsia lips of course!

The look became a sensation after Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 and then we started seeing a kinder, gentler version popping up on celebs and in photo shoots here, there and everywhere. Remember Maggie Gyllenhaals much talked about makeup at the Oscars? The much talked about NARS shade Schiap appeared in blogs from coast to coast and flew off the shelves by the end of the week.

Kiera Knightly and Gwyneth Paltrow were also seen sporting the look in other parts of the globe. Kiera wore her deep fuchsia lips paired with a pretty pale lilac eye shadow, coming out of the London’s Comedy theater, while Ms Paltrow picked her pretty pout color for an event in Marrekach. Other celebs like trendsetter Chloe’ Sevingy have been seen sporting the purplish-pink hue for months.

To get the look first make sure lips are exfoliated and hydrated… this look just goes all wrong on a dry chapped lip. Then for definition line the entire lip first with a matching lip liner pencil like Make Up For Ever’s Fuchsia 16C then blend with a lip brush to soften. This will help to keep the color on longerNext apply a color like Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in Shocking or NARS Funny Face. This look can be way over the top when gloss is added so keep to a creamy formula and only add gloss to the center of the lip…otherwise you might find yourself with a smeared mess of hot pink.

Keep the rest of the face neutral with just a hint of medium pink blush and brown or bronze tones on the lids for daytime. Stila Trio shadows in Bronze Goddess looks amazing with this bright lips shade. Most importantly if you decide to forgo lip liner, check in the mirror periodically because nothing looks more distracting than faded bright colors just around the lip line.

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