Summer 2013 Hair Color Trends

This time every year, it seems that I get the itch to change something about my hair—something drastic. Generally, this ends in 3 or 4 inches of hair laying on the salon floor and a not so pleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach. This year, I’ve decided to fight the urge to get a “summer bob” that takes two years to get rid of (aka two years to grow all my hair back) and opt for a color change instead.

I’m turning to this summer’s hair color trends for a bit of direction. Are you looking for a change too? Which one are you going to try?


I’ve been pining over this yummy Apricot color trend for a few months now, but with my dark locks the process might be a bit more than my hair can handle. However if you have a lighter base color this look is perfect for summer. Aveda’s Artistic Director Ian Michael Black has some advice to achieve this look:


You should have light hair as a base color.
Start with a copper base at the roots keeping it darker there, and then pull the color through to the ends.
Add “creamy” blonde over the top to get the pastel effect. Different color gradients are desirable. Black said the trend for hair in general is to not be too perfect.


In 2012 ombre hair color was all the rage; it seemed that everywhere you looked there were strands fading from dark to light and light to dark. Well, the trend is sticking around this year and I am pretty excited about it (mainly because last year I was too scared to take the plunge). This year, however, try a warm auburn color with rich brown hues for a more subtle and sophisticated feel.


In my world, platinum blonde never goes out of style, but this summer it is getting an extra bit of attention. And guess what? Anyone can do it! Yes, even you, ladies with the dark hair. The only caveat is that you start with virgin hair, that is, hair that has not been dyed. This may mean growing out your hair, or cutting off parts that have been layered with color (ombre). The process will also be quick for some and slower for others. So, you’ll need to have virgin hair, patience, and a great colorist to get this look… but it will be so worth it!

By Kristianne Young

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