Style Guide: Glasses to Match Your Zodiac

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I’d like to make a case for accessorizing – it’s the most important part of any outfit. While an outfit can be trendy, fashionable, even plain or unique, accessories tell the world who you really are. So, it’s important you make a statement that is true to you.

When it comes to your glasses, shape, color, thickness, and function are all things to consider. Accessorizing can be surprisingly daunting! To fix that, we’ve made a style guide based on your zodiac sign, so you can be confident that you’re sending out an authentic message about yourself.

DIFF Charitable Eyewear and DIME Optics have the chicest sunnies, frames, and blue light glasses available that will complete all of your looks! Explore below, and let the stars guide you!

Aries: Fearless & Spontaneous

Taurus: Dependable & Practical

Gemini: Versatile & Expressive

Cancer: Traditional & Independent

Leo: Bold & Ambitious

Virgo: Modest & Particular

Libra: Receptive & Responsive

Scorpio: Complex & Stoic

Sagittarius: Passionate & Adventurous

Capricorn: Disciplined & Pragmatic

Aquarius: Eccentric & Clever

Pisces: Intuitive & Imaginative

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