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Today I am writing to you from cool San Diego. As mentioned previously this is the first actual vacation that I have taken in nearly four years

Yesterday I went to one of the best gyms that I have ever been to. Now don’t get the wrong idea…I have barely begun working out after a 4 year hiatus and normally I wouldn’t be the girl to run to the gym in every city that I travel, but this time I wanted to take my workout obsessed hubby to this amazing gym that I had the privy of shooting at while on location here a few months ago.

Even during my days of hot yoga and gym memberships I rarely ever got ready in the locker room. This is a practice that I loathe immensely, and somehow my husband though he tries cannot empathize with what a woman’s experience is of fighting over a spare blow drier and a good well lit spot in the makeup mirror as opposed to his jump in shower and go routine. But since it was a busy day I agreed to get ready in the “ladies lounge” rather than trek it back to the hotel.

This time a disturbing cocophany of blue tooth conversations happened to my left and right with full size bags of cosmetics, hair products, lotions and fragrances un-lovingly strewn across the counter like a post apocalyptic beauty explosion by the young and fabulous while I sat quietly with my well organized bags of portable and mini sized products. Needless to say I was in and out in half the time with nothing but my regular handbag instead of a giant gym bag.

So here are a few of my favorite traveling- light items.

Benefit Erase Paste is super creamy and comes in a little portable pot so you can over undereye imperfections blemishes and redness easily. Benefit

Dianne Brill Freshwater Pearl foundation – This little tube works wonders to give you a flawless glowing complexion without looking heavy, plus the little tube doesn’t take up a ton of space in your makeup bag.

Becca Makeup Palette – Every season Becca comes out with these slim palettes that include perfectly wearable shadows, cream blushes and lip glosses. They are just the right dimensions to slip into the cell phone pocket of any purse instead of jamming in a bunch of full sized products. Becca

To lend a little shine and manageability to hair I adore Moroccan Oil. Just a few drops applied to the ends and it brings my hair back to life, plus it comes in a small travel size that will last for weeks!

And to moisturize your body Korres Guava Body Butter smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling silky and healthy, plus the yummy scent means no other fragrance is needed! Korres

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