New Spring Nail Polish Shades

Last night I met some of the girls for dinner at one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants, it had been a while since I had seen some of the girls so it was great to catch up. As always we just kind of fall into our usual roles…this one is ever so chatty, this one is always on a time schedule, this one just wants to sit back and enjoy the wine and find out what everyone else is doing. But the one thing that always surprises me is when one of my rather conservative friends decides to step out of the box and give some new hair do, makeup colors or nail polish a try. Last night two of my usual natural nail color wearing buddies were sporting some very bright shades for Spring. I felt simultaneously shocked and proud because I am always the one coaxing the group to try some “wildly” new beauty products.

Of course this season there is no shortage of amazing shades to choose from, in fact I have to give a shout out to the girls who introduced Hard Candy back in the 90’s because once we embraced Easter egg and popsicles shades of polish there was no going back…

Essie seems to be churning out bold and beautiful shades like there is no tomorrow, I caught a glimpse of their limited edition Resort Collection created to mimic the sights of the world most exotic locales. The four shades are flirty and pretty pastels too good to pass up but they don’t launch until May so keep an eye out. Lapis of Luxury is a dreamy ocean blue, Splash of Grednadine is a playful magenta, Playa del Platinum is a sheer sandy gray and Turquoise and Caicos is a soft pretty tropical aqua. These are the perfect shades for beach going sun bunnies… even if you have no vacation plans in sight these will have you feeling like paradise!

One of my favorite brands ( and our exclusive favorite at Glam Lounge) is Rescue Beauty Lounge, the famed Ji Baek was one of the first to start the whole 3 free revolution by creating a polish without Formaldehyde, Touline of DBP the three ingredients banned in Europe for their toxicity. TBL is now taking orders for their surf inspired collection. 360 a dusty sandwashed blue, Bangin a coral tinged red, and Diddy Mow a gray mossy green remind me of a retro Hawaiian shirt from an old 60’s movie. RBL does greens like no other brand the components are always just a tad cooler and hipper than the one you bought at the drug store and the wearability is to die for!

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