Makeup Tips for Brides to Be

For many, many years I did not do weddings, strange but true for a makeup artist, but because my business focused mainly on editorial and catalog clients there were years of traveling and living out of a suitcase for weeks on end so I couldn’t even fathom the idea of working with brides to be. Of course if it was a friend getting married that was the exception. If I was going to the wedding then no prob, I could definitely hook the bride up.

But, when you open a beauty boutique and offer makeup services, one of the top requests from clients is almost always weddings. In our short span we have garnered a great reputation for giving brides the red carpet look they desire and in the process I have become very well acquainted with the needs of the modern bride. So, if you are planning your own day for the near future here are a few things you should know about the old verses new traditions.

The idea of not seeing the groom before the ceremony is long gone….and though I see the merit of the couple stealing those private moments together right before the ceremony, as a makeup artist I loathe the idea of the poor bride sitting in the makeup chair for an antsy hour long primping only to cry half of her face off when she sees her beloved. So be prepared when you hire your photographer to start the photo process two to three hours before the ceremony and if you are a crier at all be sure that you arrange to have your makeup artist on site to touch you up post photos – pre-ceremony.

If you plan to go it alone here are a few tips. Use a high- definition or silicone based foundation, which will help resist tears and water better than a water based one. Try Armani Luminous Silk foundation.

It almost goes without saying use a waterproof mascara, this of all days is the time to invest in a good one, but be sure that is doesn’t flake. Try Bourjois Pump Up Waterproof mascara or Lancome Definicils Waterproof for long fluttery lashes.

Stick with light to medium shades on the lips, darker colors are way to much upkeep especially when you are hugging and kissing everyone. Try Nars Sexual Healing a metallic peachy rose or Catfight a semi matte nude mauve. Stow your lipstick, liner and gloss in your husband to be’s pocket or you Maid of Honors purse for the evening along with Kleenex and some blotting tissues to stave away more tears and sop up the oil.

And if you are wondering if that veil is a must or the bridesmaids dresses have to match… check back tomorrow for more tips!

  1. The great thing to realize on the day of your marriage your groom is going to be amazed by you. He will daze into your eyes and proclaim his love. So don’t worry so much how you look. Get excited about your honeymoon.

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