How To: Braided Bun

Spring parties are in full swing, and here in Arizona that means pool parties (because it’s just that hot in May), backyard barbeques, and evening desert soirees. Though we love a soft wave or messy side braid, when the evenings remain fairly warm (and even hot come summertime), a party do that keeps you cool is a must. Thankfully this season’s trendiest hairstyle isn’t just party appropriate, but will keep those little beads from forming on your forehead and neck.

Try these variations of the Braided Bun for a few looks that will keep you cool until fall!

The Fishbraid Bun

-Put your hair in a ponytail to the side. I like to loosen the hair a little so that it’s not too tight to my head.
-Fishtail braid your ponytail.
-Tie the end of the braid.Use a clear elastic as it’s small and won’t show in the finished style.
-Stretch out your braid. The most important step! Gently pulling at the sides of your braid is the best trick to make your hair look thicker and fuller.
-Twist the braid into a bun. Wind your braid up and around to form the bun. Pin in place!

The Double Rope Braid Bun

1. Put your hair in two ponytails using the thin ponytail holders, not the thick ones. The thin ones will be easier to hide. Be sure they’re as close to your hair color as possible.
2. Make both ponytails into rope braids. (A rope braid, for those of you who don’t know, is just 2 pieces of hair twisted around each other.) Tie them off with the small clear elastics.
3. Loosen up the rope braids using your fingers. This will “fatten” up the braid and give the bun a lot more volume. If you find that little pieces start falling out, just twist them back in and spray your favorite strong hold hairspray.
4. Take the rope braid from your back right (as you see in the photo), lay it “up and over” going counter-clockwise, securing it with strong-holding bobbypins as you go.
5. Tuck the tail of that rope braid under the bottom of the next braid (as you see in the photo). This should completely conceal the tail of the first braid.
6. Now bring the tail of the next braid counter-clockwise, coiling it into the center. You’re essentially making a “snail shape”. Be sure to pin as you go.
7. Last, grab a hand mirror. Check the back to see if you need to loosen up any pieces to make it fuller– or maybe you’ll need to add bobbypins and tighten some pieces. Add an over all veil of hairspray to secure fly-aways.

The Braided Bun

– Divide hair into three sections, the middle being the largest section
– French braid the middle section and secure in a circle with pins as needed
– French braid remaining two sections and loop around braid in opposite directions from each other
– Secure with pins and it’s complete!

By Kristianne Young

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