How To Get Sexy Silky Hair

Having smooth, silky hair is a dream that most women feel is unattainable no matter if their hair is curly, wavy, pin straight, thick, or thin. For curly and wavy hair the desire is often less poof and frizz-free tresses while those with straight hair, are hoping to avoid brittle and static locks.

So, in hopes to make everyone’s dream come true we gathered a list of the best tips and products for smooth, silky, frizz-free, static-free, poof-free hair.


Change your pillow cases! According to the We Heart This Myth Squad, “Silk pillowcases are also amazing at keeping your hair in check. Silk is woven closer together than cotton and other materials. This makes silk much gentler on your hair. Silk allows your hair to glide over the pillow without getting caught in the fibers.” This is especially true for those trying to avoid the electric hair look.


Stop using a towel to dry your hair and start using an old cotton t-shirt (or new if you prefer). We found this to be an odd suggestion, but our hairstylist insisted that we try it. Rubbing your hair in a towel can cause it to lose much-needed moisture (it sounds counterintuitive but hair that has enough moisture is actually less frizzy). After showering squeeze excess water from hair then use the t-shirt to gently squeeze or press (not rub) until damp or dry.


We absolutely adore Moroccanoil Treatment here at Style Files, but did you know that they also have a Hydrating Styling Cream? The lightweight, moisturizing formula conditions, hydrates and fights frizz. Plus if you’re itching for a blow-dried style you can use it for a soft and natural feeling hold.


Our go-to for any smooth and sleek look is Catwalk Session Series ‘Styling Cream.’ You can use in wet hair to thicken or in dry hair for smooth subtle texture. It also controls frizz and creates the perfect smooth hold for sexy pony’s, sleek topknots, or soft waves (believe us we have tried them all). Plus you can use it to tame fly-aways!

By Kristianne Young

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