gorjana Fine Jewelry Collections Have Revealed Their Fan Favorites

gorjana, a Laguna beach-based jewelry company, has provided some of their fan favorites from their collections. Perfect for birthdays, upcoming holidays, or just a “treat yourself” kind of day. There is always a reason to purchase one of these timeless pieces of fine jewelry!

Diamond and White Topaz Ring Set:

The awe-inspiring payoff of stacking diamonds and white topaz is simplified in this set of two shimmering rings. Wear apart or together, the choice is yours.

Wilder Bespoke Ring:

You asked, we answered. Add a personal touch to this edgy, engravable tag necklace.

This engravable ring packs a serious punch. A powerful, strong shape is perfect for showing off your initials. 

Bespoke Kara Padlock:

Keep your heart on lock thanks to the new engravable padlock necklace. We suggest engraving a loved one’s initials.

Wilder Gem Necklace:

ROCKSTAR: Genuine gemstones add subtle color to this trending curb chain

Rhodonite: a stone of compassion:

Grey Agate: a grounding stone

Howlite: A calming stone

Agate: A rebalancing stone

Black labradorite: A stone used to cleanse your aura/a restorative stone

Black mother of pearl: A protection stone

Wilder Shimmer Collar Necklace:

Don’t let them dim your shine. This delicate collar sits close to the neck and looks perfect between layers of golden chains. 

Wilder Shimmer Chain Huggies:

Don’t let them dim your shine. These ultra cool huggies are as eye-catching as you.

For more information or to purchase one of these timeless pieces, please visit: https://gorjana.com/

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