I spent a good portion of this morning at Home Depot, taking up the daunting task of trying to decide what tiles are going to go in my bathroom. There’s stone, porcelain, marble, mosaics. There’s designs or not. There’s borders or not. And even though it’s really just two aisles of options, for me, that’s just way too many.

I’m a pretty visual person and trying to visualize these little squares forming something nice around my bathtub is just, well, a little difficult. Even when I want to take on a project like painting, it’s much easier for me to take a book, find what I like and copy the colors in there. Leaves a lot less room for error.

When it comes to fashion and styling, a lot of people are like this. If you don’t have the practice or aren’t necessarily “adept” at it, it can be really hard to visualize outfits together unless you’re copying them straight out of a catalogue or fashion magazine. But a lot of looking so “put together” is the use of styling products that it seems like people just don’t talk about enough.

“How does she look so perfectly pressed in that silk dress?” Steamer. Not an iron. “Why can’t you see her bra straps and how come she still looks so perky?” Well there are several answers to this one: it’s either nipple concealers, clear bra straps, cup bras, fake breasts or a combination of any of the above.

Getting dressed is all about looking and feeling great, so fashion and beauty secrets should definitely be shared. I’m a fan of the Go-Girl line of styling products. They have fixers like fashion tape (perfect for handling tops that hang too low or straps that just won’t stay) to nipple concealers and my all-time can’t-live-without-favorite, the Smudge Sponge that removes deodarant and powder from clothing.


The latest of their products that I think is genius are their Lint-on-the-Go-Sheets. Because really, who wants to carry around a lint roller in their purse? These sheets are travel-friendly and you just slide your hand under the clear cover and use the other to peel away the liner then pat all stray hair and fuzz away! It’s as simple as that and just $12 for a pack of 20 individual travel sheets.

Here’s a look at some of the other Go-Girl products:


The Smudge Sponge, as mentioned above, removes deodarant and powder stains without a mess. $13 for 4 sponges in a takeout box.


Oily-Doily oil blotting sheets are perfect for taking away grease without stripping off your makeup. $9.

You can get these products and more at www.shopgogirl.com

  1. I want to go to teir Web site to see what else they have. Even expensive, nice clothes can’t look good without the right styling.

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