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All You’ve Ever Wanted Ad Campaign

A few years ago one of my less than adventurous friends confided that she secretly loved the Brittney fragrance Curious…or was is Believe? I was floored because this was the girl that loved to get her hate on for the Princess of Pop after every decadent headline. I myself have only partaken in one celeb fragrance, that of SJP mainly because I am one of those lucky few whose body turns practically all forms of sweet smelling aroma into bitterness. In fact during college I worked at a fragrance counter where not one scent even remotely smelled delish on me… just try selling under those circumstances. So not since the early days of Dolce & Gabbana Red have I been one to spontaneously gift a scent to others without absolutely knowing that they adore it. But this year I am terribly tempted… that is if I don’t buy them for moi’ instead.

These days it seems that every celeb no matter how A, B, C or D list they are has a fragrance and we the droning masses buy in droves… Flip through any major fashion mag and you can hardly avoid the scratch and sniff envelopes that fill the air with wafting blends of paper, glue and the coveted scent du jour.

All You've Ever Wanted Ad Campaign
All You've Ever Wanted Ad Campaign

Yet this year even after all my belly aching, I am aching to try the latest crop of celebrity aromas, notably the Demi’s inspired Helena Rubenstein EDP called All You’ve Ever Wanted. It was created to reflect Mrs. Kutchers “modern love story” and “addictive allure” and after seeing her latest pictage in W mag I agree there is something addictive… I just can’t put my finger on it. The scent is packed with magnolia, camal iris-cream, and a touch of cedar extract. The scents sounds just as pretty as the ads themselves…and of course we all know if we wear it…we will be as alluring as Demi herself! You can find this little gem at Macy’s and be sure to look for those irresistible gifts with purchase as the holidays approach!

Vintage Kate Moss Ad Campaign
Vintage Kate Moss Ad Campaign

The other A-list fragrance by Coty that I have been enticed by is Vintage by Kate Moss. Billed as a “fruity floriental” and developed by perfumer Olivier Polge it combines pink pepper, freesia, mandarin, heliotrope (the delightful vanilla scented flower) jasmine, almond blossom, tonka bean and vanilla. Why beat around the bush you had me at HELLO! This of course is Moss’ fourth scentsational collaboration. Again don’t we all want to channel a little bit of Kate? I know I do…

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