I went to Las  Vegas with my mom last month and about died laughing when I saw this infomercial. But…..it was one effective infomercial because I was totally hooked, intrigued and decided it’s definitely worth a blog!

See, I’m good at clothes, shoes, purses but the truth is, I can’t do my hair to save my life. (Note: This is usually why it looks the same, not just because I like to embrace one particular style.)

Anyway, I got turned on to this little contraption called Bumpits, the perfect little tool for any teasing-impaired gal.

The name is totally weird but, bare with me: Bumpits are simple half headband-shaped arch pieces that you insert into the back of your hair to create a teased and volumized look. It might sound gimmicky but if you’re hair-impaired like me you’ll admit that even something so simple as teasing your hair can be, well, disastrous.

The Bumpits kit comes with 4 different Bumpit sizes: 2 mini Bumpits for creating volume behind the bangs; a regular-size Bumpit for volume at the back of your head and the “Hollywood” Bumpit for an extra-glam moment. And, Bumpits are available in 4 different shades: black, dark blonde, light blonde and brunette.


It’s one of the first infomercials that I’ve seen in a long time that totally made me want to try this product. As cheesy as it may seem. Plus, teasing like crazy and tons of hair spray is so so bad for your hair. And I definitely suffer from flat, lifeless roots that could use a little lift.

To use Bumpits, start by parting the hair at the crown and teasing gently. Place the Bumpit behind the part line and then finish off with a bit of spray. It’s truly that easy.




I will go ahead and say that overly-teased hair a la Hollywood Bumpit is definitely passe. But, a little bit of lift here and there never hurt anyone. In fact, this from Elle, Gossip Girl hairstylist, Jennifer Johnson, uses Bumpits to create lift in Leighton Meester’s hair! All that perk behind Blair Waldorf’s headbands? Yup, apparently that’s Bumpits.

Maybe that means we should leave Bumpits to the professionals, but if you’d like to try it yourself you can order Bumpits at www.bumpits.com. They’ll be available at Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond this July.

I know a lot of you probably think I’m joking about all of this, but….I’m totally intrigued.


Love the hair Miss Waldorf, but is that a Bumpit you’re using? Hmm…..


  1. I do like Blair’s hair but I would totally screw this up myself. My hair is so fine that you’d see these little bumpy things coming through the top.

  2. Okay, I too have seen this commercial and suffer from thin lifeless hair. So maybe when it’s available in July I’ll give it a whirl, but I’ll admit I won’t go out of why to get it.

  3. I saw this informercial too–I am totally intrigued. I love the “bump” look and my head is totally flat so this would help me out big time. I would be afraid, though, that plastic will poke through by the end of the day.

  4. When I saw the title I thought this was a blog for deoderant. Then I saw the slogan “from flat to fabulous” and I figured it was something you stick in your bra…. But then why would anyone want the mini bumpits?

  5. no, they totally don’t work. I have them and for one they are painful, two you have to have a massive amount of hair to cover it up and actually make it look right

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