Breezy Summer Hair looks

It’s oh so easy to get stuck in a summer hair rut. When I had thicker and longer hair rarely if ever did I want to leave my locks flowing on a scorching summer day but pony’s and messy buns can get a little bit monotonous. Even now with shorter hair I find myself a tad envious of the girls who can whip up a different do every day of the week and look just smashing time after time.

And truth be told on most days all I want to do is get the hair up off of my neck no matter how it looks, but never fear I have a few great ideas for you. During my morning blog and newsletter reading I spied some absolutely darling hair looks to try at home.

As noted the plain pony can get pretty boring so why not try a little twist? Emmanuel Ungaro Spring 2010 featured ballerina-pretty hair and makeup. The hair was super slicked and twisted into the most lovely pony. To recreate, slick into a tight pony with a strong hold gel, then separate the pony into two sections, twist tightly around each other and secure with a rubber band. This look may take a bit of practice but the key is making sure that the hair is slicked and brushed smooth prior to twisting. You can also add small bobby pins randomly to the twist to help keep hair wrapped together.

As an alternative on casual days, you can tease the hair a bit instead of slicking and create a more carefree, messy look.

With thin hair and a bit of layers in my cut I am a big fan of throwing hair into a messy bun, but it can be a bit repetitive so why not add a little braiding to your bun? This look from is such a feminine way to add softness and detail. To recreate the look take two sections of hair on either side about 2-3 inches wide and braid. Gather all of the hair in a pony and secure with a non-slip rubber band. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with another rubber band or bobby pins. For variation you can do a braid on one side only, or place the ponytail and bun higher on the head to give a more chic effect.

If you have curly hair this look works equally as well and looks incredibly romantic and pretty for wedding or dressy evenings out.

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