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I’m always in the habit of keeping everyone updated on the fashion happenings from week to week: parties, designer collaborations, runway etc. Today, however, I thought I would do a roundup of the newest beauty news. There are some really exciting things going on in the beauty world—some even shocking (at least I think so).

If you are like me, more than likely you have found a perfect eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and then poof it’s been discontinued and the search begins again. Well, believe it or not you now have the power to bring them back! Okay, okay not all of them, but if you have a favorite Bobbi Brown Lip Color then you can. The “Bobbi Brings Back: Lip Color” Facebook campaign will bring back the lip color with the most votes in October of this year. Get to voting!


You know that nifty virtual makeover tool on your favorite websites like Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire? Well a company called ModiFace made that tool, and next Thursday they will reveal their updated platform. In addition to playing with makeup shades, dressing up, and before and after cosmetic surgery virtual makeovers, this update will include a computer-generated beauty adviser that will be able to answer a large range of beauty questions.


L’ Oréal Paris names 18-year-old beauty Barbara Palvin as their newest ambassador. The young model has walked in shows for Louis Vuitton and Chanel and is excited to make this her next venture, “I’m very excited about the prospect of joining the L’Oréal Paris family alongside huge, iconic celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Claudia Schiffer,” Palvin said. “I have a very personal vision of beauty, which is very closely aligned with [L’Oréal Paris’] modern approach.”


YSL launched their new Hybrid Lip Color last month online at If you are lucky you may still find a few shades left as five of the colors were sold out as of last week according to The lipgloss-lipstick-lipstain hybrids will also be released in stores in April… you better get in line now!

I am apparently so anti sports that I didn’t even make it past the National Anthem, but honestly that’s all I needed to see… Kelly Clarkson looked amazing with chocolate brown, super sleek hair and bangs! Speaking of bangs, they seem to be the newest beauty accessory this season with droves of young hot celebs rocking them: Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon, and even Ms. Swift (Taylor that is).

By Kristianne Young

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