5 Bad Moments in Beauty for 2010.

Can you believe in just a few weeks it will be 2011. Somehow that number sounds even more like science fiction that 2010. I mean here we are with all kinds of amazing technological breakthroughs and new trends popping up like crazy every two seconds. It’s pretty incredible what the internet has done by allowing us to have any image or information at our fingertips just moments after it breaks on to the scene.

If I had a child I would be saying things like…you know when I was a kid, we had to go to the store and buy a magazine each month to see what the trends were. In any case these days the good and bad fly like wildfire within seconds of a celebrity (A-list or otherwise) donning the newest and coolest. So here are a few of what I think are my handpicked worst beauty looks of 2010 via realbeauty.com Of course there may be more before the years’ out…so stay tuned!

Ombre hair: Despite having the cash and time to maintain their hair color, a plethora of celebs, including Lauren Conrad, Drew Barrymore, and Rachel Bilson, spent the better part of the year in need of a major root touch-up. The look was actually intentional, and it’s called ombre, which is a fancy way of describing hair that is darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter. Love it or hate it, ombre gave us regular people a trendy excuse to go longer between coloring appointments.

Kathryn Heigel’s Hair Helmut: We’ve seen a lot of amazingly bad celeb hair this year, but Katherine Heigl’s ’80s-news-anchor-meets-politician’s-wife bouffant is probably the worst of the worst. We can only imagine how many cans of hair spray had to die to achieve the helmet hairdo. The good news is that a few months after this major mane misstep, Heigl went back to blonde and has been sticking to more modern hair styles on the red carpet.

Ferdalis Shamm/wireimage.com

Britney’s Bad Hair Day: What’s so disturbing about this photo of Brit-Brit is that it’s not even her worst hair moment of all time. (That would be when she decided that she didn’t need any and shaved her head.) It’s been months since we first caught a glimpse of this hot mess of fake hair, and we’re still scratching our own heads in bewilderment (not to mention that a pic like this could make anyone’s scalp itch). How did her extensions get that bad, and who let her out of the house like that?

Fame Pictures

Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery Addiction: There are bad decisions, like marrying Spencer Pratt, and there are bad decisions, like undergoing ten plastic surgeries in one day. Heidi Montag is guilty of doing both, but at least she can divorce Spencer (or pretend to). Her Barbie-esque body (courtesy of DDD breast implants, liposuction, and a butt lift) and frozen face (thanks to Botox, a nose job, a mini brow lift, chin reduction, and fat injections) aren’t as easy to undo as a made-for-reality-TV relationship.

Denise Tuscello/wireimage

Lady Gaga’s Circle Contact Lens Controversy: Leave it to Gaga to turn something as innocuous as contact lenses into a New York Times-worthy story. Those giant eyes that she sported in her “Bad Romance” video were computer-generated, but young women rushed out to buy “circle contacts” to recreate the singer’s jumbo irises. Unfortunately, the lenses can cause infections and even vision loss. Still, people were snapping them up online and watching YouTube videos on how to get the look. Ladies: It’s one thing to lose your mind over Gaga, but it’s another to lose your sight.

Of course I couldn’t just stop at five…so check back tomorrow for more of the worst memorable moments in beauty for 2010!

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