Fountain Hills Resort Unveils Toe-Reading Treatment

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Feet get all the fun; from rocking the latest trends in shoes to showcasing a freshly painted pedicure. Feet can also tell a lot about a person--if they are lover or fighter, living in the past or staying in the present and even how well one's relationships are in his or her life. Within every shoe is a different story, a different persontoelity! CopperWynd Resort and Club offers Perscentoelogy, a unique system of personality profiling through toe reading. Yes, toe reading. So untie those laces and see what your toes say about you.


Visitors at the CopperWynd Spa will be greeted by the welcoming and soft-spoken spa director and therapist, Marie Bernat. Bernat strongly believes one's past and future is written on his or her toes. First, she examines the face to get a better understanding of the individual she is reading, as well as releasing built up energy by wiggling each finger. Next, she begins with Life's Direction toe reading: the left foot is connected with the spiritual realm, whereas the right foot reveals the ins and outs of an individual.

Each toe has a different meaning. The big toe is our destiny, the direction in which we are headed in life. The next is our communication toe, how we communicate with people in our life. Next to the communication toe is the passion and anger toe. From this toe, Bernat learns how an individual expresses emotion--especially the more pronounced ones like passion and anger. The relationship toe is next. From spouses, friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, co-workers, and exes this toe tells Bernat how we treat the ones we love and how they treat us. Lastly, the baby toe is all about security. How secure we are with ourselves and others? Do we feel protected in life? Who would have guessed toes can tell us all of that?


Perscentoelogy is much more than just toe reading. In fact, this 75-minute session begins with a relaxing spray of locally blended mint and lavender on the massage table. The full-body treatment incorporates aromatherapy, hot stones, body-reading and message. The last half-hour is dedicated to discussion about overall physical issues and, of course, the toe reading.

If you are curious as to why your little toes curl in, why there are lines on your big toes and what it means when one toe overlaps the other, you may want to consider trying the Perscentology treatment at CopperWynd Spa. Bernat will give you biofeedback techniques to help you restore balance and harmony in your life. She helped me become present in my life by being more cognizant of something that holds sentimental value to me: tulips. After spending an hour with the lovely Bernat and learning more about myself through by toes, I see tulips every day now.

For more information on Perscentoelogy at CopperWynd Resort and Spa, visit:

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Phoenix Resort Unveils Farm-to-Treatment Table Program

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FotoFlexer Photo

The spa experience just got a lot more creative. JW Marriott at Desert Ridge recently introduced their latest innovative endeavor with theirnew Farm-to-Treatment Table program being offered at the luxurious Revive Spa.


Scent Therapy: Pacific Waters Spa at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa

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Tap into your vacation state-of-mind anytime thanks to the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach.



The Ultimate Spa Journey in Mexico

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The Spa at Grand Velas Maya Riviera is meant to be savored ― and they give you plenty of excuses to relax and rejuvenate all day long.

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It’s a Wrap: Spa Series

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RTP048 Willow Stream Spa

This past Friday wrapped up the 2011 Summer Spaaah Series, where spas all across the Valley offer amazing deals and opportunities to experience what each spa has to offer—all for a good cause.

I attended the events final Summer Spaaah Series event of the season at the Willow Stream Spa, located at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort. As I stepped into the spa, which embraces the natural beauty of the desert, I was greeted by the professional staff and was immediately handed a gift tote full of spa goodies and a spa certificate that can be used toward a facial, a massage, or a pedicuregoodies.

It was well attended by 183 participants, all eager to be pampered. My first stop was the light dinner buffet, served in the hallway. After that, I attended the meditation-on-the-go seminar, which was hosted by Barbara Sumner in the beautiful fitness studio. After twenty 20 minutes of relaxation, I made an appointment for a makeup consultation with makeup artist Monique, who gave me a beautiful makeover.

I then attended the 20-minute Star Crossed Lovers astrology seminar, where astrologist Catherine Baskett explained to the room full of women how important your time of birth is to developing your personality.

Following the seminar, I attended my chair massage appointment and spent 10 minutes in bliss. Hand and foot massages were also offered.

After the massage, I explored the multi-level spa and found myself at the rooftop spa pool. Lining the edge were fabulous cabanas, and I entered the Cabana Package Giveaway for a chance to win another day at the spa.

An added bonus with the Summer Spaaah Series is that a percentage of the proceeds from the event is donated to the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. To get the details on next year’s must-attend events, visit

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