Luxury Apartment of the Month: San Privada in Gilbert

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Gilbert residents can look forward to the opening of a brand new luxury living community in July.



mombomb Introduces New Home Fragrance and Stationery Line Just in Time for Mother’s Day

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Local boutique mombomb has introduced a new line of home fragrance and stationery products just in time for Mother’s Day. 



Refined Gardens Mixes Art & Technology for a Timeless Landscape Design

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Creating amazing outdoor landscapes all start with a vision and unique design process. 


Today, advanced technology and the computer can virtually do any task for us. However, we at Refined Gardens believe that there is still an art and creative touch that only the human hand can harness. That is why all of our garden concepts start with unique, hand-drawn sketches.  


Refresh Your Home With Gold Canyon’s New Spring Fragrances

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The addition of a welcoming and refreshing home fragrance is an easy way to update your living space. 

Just in time for spring, Gold Canyon has introduced a new assortment of quality candles and fragrances that come in a myriad of long-lasting scents that smell amazing as they look. 



Easter DIY Centerpieces

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AFM has created a wonderfully festive list of DIY Easter centerpieces to help you fill your home with the warmth of spring.

table-runner-final 300

Floral Table Runners

A unique alternative to the traditional fabric table runner is to create one with fresh spring flowers. Use two boxes of wheat grass as the foundation for your runner. Cut straws to the same height as the grass. Place your fresh flowers inside the straws and use a pencil to create a hole in the soil. Artfully fill the wheatgrass boxes with your flowers.

Source: Real Simple



Super Sweet Easter Egg Centerpiece

Easter eggs aren’t only for eating. They can be used as beautiful and delicate décor as well. A fun and colorful idea for a centerpiece is to use chocolate eggs that are wrapped in foil, colorful napkins, green floral tape, green cardstock, and barbecue skewers. By wrapping the colorful napkins around the egg and using the tape and cardstock to create a leaf, you will have a beautifully sweet bouquet that will last throughout the holiday.

Source: Bird’s Party Blog


tiered egg centerpiece

Into the Woods

An elegant. sophisticated accessory to any table is a tiered dish. Decorate eggs with gold, orange, and bright blue designs and place them in small circular wicker baskets filled with raffia. You can even decorate the eggs to look like real little birdies by gluing on a feather and create eyes and a little paper beak. Add some sticks and fresh flowers to the tiered dish for a true woodsy look.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens



Easter Egg Hunt Décor

A cupcake tray now has two purposes and one of them is to use it as seasonal accent in your home. Place small pint-size pots filled with blades of grass on the tray. Alternate between daffodils and dyed eggs for a festive centerpiece.

Source: Good Housekeeping



Charming Teatime

For those delicate porcelain dishes that you reserve for special occasions, use them instead for a festive accessory. Fill a teapot with your favorite flowers. Place gold striped eggs around the teapot and as well as some extra flowers. Old-fashioned meets modern and elegant.

Source: Good Housekeeping



Edible Arrangements

Whoever thought of using candy as a centerpiece is an absolute genius. Children can easily lend a helping hand in creating this funky tabletop. Use an etched vase or old glass milk bottles and fill a third of it with your favorite candy. Wrap the stems of your favorite flowers in plastic in place inside the middle of the vase. Fill the rest with candy—and voila!




Glitter & Glam

There is never such a thing as too much glitter. All of those leftover hardboiled eggs you made with your kids can be turned into a bright and glitzy bowl of fun for the table. Lightly paint eggs with craft glue and roll them in bowls of glitter. Once they are dry add them to a shallow bowl with flowers around them, creating a nest.


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